Duncan Hunter Is Going To the Slammer For 11 Months For Campaign Fund Abuse

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In 2017 I made the comment that there were four congressmen — all Republicans — who were the worst representatives in any state, ever. And they all were from California. They were: Dana Rohrabacher, Devin Nunes, Darrel Issa and Duncan Hunter. Rohrabacher, aka the “Surf Nazi” was voted out in 2018, after 11 terms, and that was wonderful to see. He was touted as Vladimir Putin’s favorite congressman, if that tidbit of information somehow got past you. He used to arm wrestle with Putin in New York dive bars. Now he’s gone and we don’t know who Putin’s current favorite is, but I’m sure we’ll find out.

Then Darrell Issa decided to slither away and not run for reelection — but then he slithered back. More on that below. Then Duncan Hunter got indicted for misuse of campaign funds. And now he’s going away to the house of many doors in Texas. San Diego Union Tribune via Raw Story:

Hunter’s criminal charges in August 2018 came two-plus years after the Federal Election Commission and The San Diego Union-Tribune questioned Hunter in April 2016 about expenditures his campaign had reported — a series of video-game purchases and a payment to his children’s private school.

According to the indictment, the Hunters relied for years on campaign contributions to pay routine family expenses like dental bills, home repairs and fast-food meals. They also used it for exotic vacations, private-school tuition, plane tickets for Margaret’s mother to to and from Poland and for flight for a pet rabbit.

You gotta take the bun bun with you to Europe, right? Can’t leave him behind in the garden. I wonder if Mike Pence has taken Marlon Bundo, his rabbit, on vacation with Mother and him? Pence also was somebody who used to dip into the campaign funds till and pay the mortgage and buy groceries, early on when he was running for Congress. The Republican party, leadership you can depend on. Corruption baked into every bite.

Immediately after the indictment, Hunter said the charges were the result of a “deep state” conspiracy among “partisan Democrat prosecutors” and denied any wrongdoing. He continued denying the charges after his wife pleaded guilty and agreed to work with prosecutors.

Sure shoots your defense when wifey pleads guilty, doesn’t it? Damn. I wonder if the rabbit filed a plea?

Now this is where Darrel Issa comes in. He decided to get back into politics, when Hunter got indicted and now he’s in a tight race with Ammar Campa-Najjar in CA-50.

Meanwhile, Hunter is on his way to a federal correctional facility in La Tuna, Texas for 11 months, where he will be incarcerated along with Lee Baca — another winner in the circle of California Republicans. Remember him? He was involved in the the 2011 scandal, in the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department, which involved hiding an inmate who was an FBI informant and threatening to arrest the agent who was leading the investigation. That was some department back in the day. Civil rights violations for beatings not only of inmates, but of visitors to the jail as well, you believe that?

Now in all fairness to Baca, not that he deserves it, but we will give it, he annoyed a lot of Republicans when he endorsed “liberal” Adam Schiff, then a state senator, when he ran for Congress, and “hard-left” Barbara Boxer, when she ran for the U.S. senate.

What I wouldn’t give to be a fly on the wall if Hunter and Baca chit chat in the courtyard.

So that leaves us with Devin Nunes, and no need to get started on him. And Issa may be back to Congress, God forbid. So that’s the story of the four “D”s, Devin, Darrel, Duncan, and Dana. D for despicable.

To be continued, November 3….

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