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Around 200 self-identifying Jewish protestors shut down operations at an Elizabeth, New Jersey, ICE detention center on Monday. According to Common Dreams, 36 activists were arrested during the grassroots-organized Never Again Action. Those arrested were reportedly blocking vehicles from going to the Elizabeth Detention Center.

Chanting “Never again means never again,” and “never again is now” while holding signs denouncing ICE and concentration camps, the group of mostly young people want the world to know that they have not forgotten how apathy and fear can lead to atrocity.

No matter what language you speak or read or understand, “never again” continues to be one of history’s most important lessons.


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  1. When hitler and his nazi party took over Germany in 1933 hitler started imprisonments of communists dissenters those who were diseased and mental patients. And also the Jews. At first the prisoners were just forced to work as slave labor. But as the Jews became the main target of hitler the nazis began their policies of mass murder. Maybe in the beginning of the concentration camps the nazis provided soap and toothbrushes and enough food and water for their prisoners. Maybe they provided blankets and coal for the stoves in the barracks. But as history has shown all of these daily necessities ended. And being sent to the showers meant the gas chambers. If donald Dork is re-elected who knows how bad the conditions inside the current detention centers will be. We have already seen that the CBP and ICE agents have a secret Facebook account that denigrates the illegal aliens that are in their custody. We’ve seen evidence that children are separated from their parents. We’ve seen how these aliens are forced to sleep on concrete and dirt with only a thin foil backed blanket. The nazis made sleeping racks 3-4 levels high similar to the slave ships that brought humans from Africa to the Americas. How long before CBP has contractors building similar racks so more humans can fit into a 20×20 chain link cage ? And will those CBP agents involved with “ I’m 15-20 “ take pics and make derogatory comments about their prisoners ? Similar to what the nazis did in Germany so the quiet people would know that something was being done about the dirty non Germans. Is this what America is about ? Putting humans in cages simply because they are fleeing their own countries? Is America no longer the land of the free and the brave ? Are we a nation tyrants and greedy business owners and politicians ? I ask you to read the Bible chapter of Mathew 25. The story of the sheep and the goats. Read that and see what Jesus commands US to do. Just sayin …


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