Dow Futures Tank While Trump Talks About ‘Tremendous Control’ Over the Coronavirus


Donald Trump spoke briefly on Sunday and informed us that covid-19 “is a very contagious virus” but something that “we have tremendous control of.” Isn’t that nice to know? Whew, for a moment there I was worried. The only fly in this ointment (and it’s a perfect ointment, as everything Trump says or does is) is that two minutes later, Anthony Fauci contradicted him, and while all this was going on, Dow Futures started to plummet. NPR:

Anthony Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said the coronavirus outbreak in the U.S. is entering a critical stage.

“The worst is yet ahead for us,” he said. “It’s how we respond to that challenge that will determine what the ultimate endpoint is going to be.”

When Fauci was asked whether a nationwide lockdown of bars and restaurants is a possibility, he said: “That could be. Absolutely.”

What, this doesn’t sound like tremendous control to you? Oh, ye of little faith. And on National Prayer Day, too.

Zeke Emmanuel, a former health policy adviser for the Obama administration, told CNN that this comment was, “really disassociated from the reality that we’re seeing out there. And he does not seem to be listening to the experts that he has.”

Trump’s task force assured us that 4,000 people a day will get tested, “many thousands to hundreds of thousands of individuals per week.”

“We are going from somewhat manual, relatively slow phases to a testing regiment [sic] that we can test many tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of individuals per week and maybe even more,” said Adm. Brett Giroir, who is leading the Department of Health and Human Services’ efforts in coordinating coronavirus testing. Nearly 2 million tests will be available this week and more than 10 states have drive-through testing sites, officials said.


Well, which is it? Thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands or millions? Anybody got a clue? And remember, Trump told us Tuesday, on Capitol Hill no less, that the virus “will go away” and said his administration’s response was “really working out.”

Meanwhile, back in the real world, a place that Trump has heard about but never visited, Dow Futures were tanking — again. Yes, sigh, againnnnn. Raw Story:

President Donald Trump came into the press briefing room to try and calm an anxious nation panic-buying toilet paper and hand sanitizer. Just before he entered, the Federal Reserve dropped rates again, down to 0.25 percent, which sent Trump into celebrating businesses and the profits they’re scoring as Americans grow more and more fearful about the coronavirus.

But the more Trump spoke the more the Dow Futures dropped. Trump’s press conference just before the market closed on Friday helped him spike the market 1,700 points, but the positives seem to be temporary as the cases of COVID-19 as they expand to over 3,200.

Poor Jerome Powell. He’ll catch hell for this tomorrow morning. Maybe he can go hang with Robert Redfield over at the CDC, the other scapegoat. After all, none of this can possibly be Donald Trump’s fault, right?

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Trump has said that this is creating an incredible buying opportunity. How many Americans, who have just watched their hard earned retirement money cut down by 30%, have the funds lying around to try to find the bottom And take advantage of an “incredible buying opportunity”.