RWNJ disinformation continues at its most absurd. Then again maybe these folks have been talking to Nicki Minaj’s cousin’s friend’s testicles.


During a round-table segment, Jeremy Boreing noted, “Rock ‘n roll’s over. You’re still talking about rock ‘n roll as if Barack Obama didn’t happen. Honestly – it’s for another day – Barack Obama destroyed rock ‘n roll.”

The host continued, “Because – rock ‘n roll was about white male angst, white male teenage angst, and then Barack Obama came along and said… Well, Barack Obama came along and said young white men aren’t allowed to have angst. They’re not allowed to, basically, express their dissatisfaction because they’re so toxic. And so, truly, rock ‘n roll just stopped.”…

FACT CHECK:   Did President Obama order that “behavioral experiments” be carried out on the American people?

Claim:   President Obama ordered “behavioral experiments” be carried out on the American people.

WHAT’S TRUE:   President Obama issued an Executive Order on 15 September 2015 encouraging federal agencies to more frequently use behavioral research insights in the creation and adoption of policy. 

WHAT’S FALSE:   President Obama ordered that “behavioral experiments” be carried out on American citizens; President Obama specifically directed agencies to implement any form of behavioral insight usage; the word “experiment” appeared anywhere in the Executive Order.

Example:   [Collected via Twitter, September 2015]…


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