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CNN Business / YouTube

Imagine how 45*’s head might explode if Stacey Abrams’ SOTU response got higher ratings.

There will be the inevitable recordings and transcript available, so why bother watching it in real time.

Even though we don’t know the exact length of the SOTU, chances are there’ll be folks on Twitter and elsewhere letting us know when the Stacey Abrams response starts. Assuming the Toronto Star’s Daniel Dale will follow the SOTU to fact-check the idiocy on Twitter, that would be my go-to guide.

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  1. Why watch and listen to the liar in chief lie again and again to try to cover his previous lies with new lies about his previous lies?

  2. Why watch the liar in chief telling more lies, it is really getting more disgusting to listen to him. He is the biggest crook there ever was in the WH. Get rid of the idiot. People just can’t take him anymore.


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