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Don’t tell my husband but I’m a little bit in love with Ted Lieu right now.  In response to Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen saying “We will not apologize” for doing our job, Ted tweeted, “I don’t give a shit if you apologize.  We just need you to reverse your policy of ripping kids away from parents.”

Then, he followed up with this — “Dear Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen: You stated today the minors were “well taken care of.”  So tell us, what do you put in those CAGES?”

And then:

And then this:

Yep. LOVE. Him.


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  1. Dear Kirsten, you are a whore for a disgusting party and must have had to lick the yellow-bellied sh*t gibbons balls to get your job. Is that why you’re such a nasty b*tch?

  2. That’s the beauty of living in American today. Imagine having a president like Trump 100 years ago, it might take years if not longer to find out what is really happening behind closed doors.
    Of course, 100 years ago, probably few imagined ever having a president of such incompetency and lack of character or morals.

    • Let us (US) hope it takes more than another 100 years to have another shit gibbon for President. It might take that long for the rest of the World to accept our apologies and let us (US) somewhere close to being the world Leader we had been.


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