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  Sigh. This will probably be the last diary I write about my sister. A few weeks ago, out of the blue,  she sent my husband a horrible text, “Trina and i had a falling out over politics, don’t get vaccinated, it is an evil democrat plot to make everyone sick.” That was the extent of it, nothing else. Nonsensical garbage. It was devastating, i cried for a lot of the day.  I realized then, that she was probably gone, forever. (Was she ever really there?) The last time i had a conversation with her was in December. Before the shit hit the fan, we talked about politics, a lot. She always told me that I was much smarter than her, I said no, I was just trying to stay informed about the state of the world.  I used to call her weekly, to inform her of the current Trump, republican atrocity. She asked me how i knew about all of this, “stuff.” (Reality is “stuff”) I said, by reading the news? ( i know, Caterina, this was a clue that your sister had very different views.)  She told me that she had been a follower of Qanon for YEARS, and believed in it. She tried to get me into it, too. I was flabbergasted. I had no idea she was perusing such inflammatory tripe. I was so hurt to find out that she had been lying to me for so long. This made me review our whole life together, (was she always a liar?)  (Were these always her views?) I was in such denial. This felt similar to the relationship i had had with my ex- husband, he was an emotionally abusive, manipulative, controlling cheater. Ugh. He fooled me for almost twenty years. There is quite a lot i am leaving out concerning my relationship with my sister, i will just say that i think she fooled me, too.  Emotional abuse slowly creeps up on you, until one day, you finally see the light, hopefully.  I will also say that I am very angry she had the gall to send my husband such a vile text, I suppose she just forgot that we are both democrats? Like i said, pure insulting garbage. I am done. 

 My condolences to everyone out there whose family has been fractured or destroyed by Qanon.


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  1. I can relate… I have a couple of “Trumpster” siblings too… They say you can’t pick your family but you can choose your friends wisely… I prefer the later…. The whole debacle has ripped our family and friends apart… Is THIS the “New normal”??? 🙁


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