‘Don’t Do It. Don’t Share the #Christchurch Footage’: Demand Goes Out for Blackout of Gunman’s Horrific Video

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With brutal and horrific footage taken by the person who carried out a vicious terrorist attack on worshipers at a mosque in Christchurch circulating online in the wake of Friday’s massacre, a global call is going out to media outlets, social media platforms, and people of good conscience not to view, share, air, or otherwise perpetuate the video in whole or in part.

As Anne Vidot, a journalist with ABC Canberra in Australia, declared in a post to Twitter:

While news outlets reported on the existence of the footage, many people on social media were posting clips and some major television outlets were also reportedly airing portions of the video. Based on online complaints, though it could not be independently confirmed, it appears that Sky News Australia was among the possible outlets that may have aired footage.

Social media platforms like Twitter—where segments of the footage were popping into people’s feeds without warning—were also being called on to remove all clips:

Law enforcement, meanwhile, urged the public not to share any videos and said they were working on having it taken down wherever they could:

Vidot, meanwhile was hardly alone in her demand that internet users, media outlets, and online platforms do everything possible to suppress the video while also villifying the motivations and the person behind Friday’s massacre.

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Lone Wolf
Lone Wolf

Now will we see and hear our own village idiot declare that there were some very fine people on both sides? Even as he continues to spread fear, racism, bigotry, and incite, or try to incite violence against those who oppose or disagree with him? God I hope not but just remember who we are dealing with.