Why has the fact that the Il Douche talks lustfully about his own daughter been swept aside?  Sure, he’s an asshole about so many other things: immigration, elitism, supremacy.  But have we become so de-sentitized by Trump’s madness that we are letting this one go??In the past few weeks both Karen McDougal and Stormy Daniels admit that Trump compared them to his daughter, Ivanka.  Women he had sex with.  Let THAT sink in.

Some words out of Trump’s disgusting pig-faced mouth:

Incest has become acceptable in Trumplandia.  And from his words, Donald-the-dirtbag obviously thinks it’s NORMAL to lust after your own daughter.  So, why is no one calling him out on this?  Perhaps it’s because his base of supporters also have their own disgusting fetishes (e.g. Roy Moore being a child sex predator).  In fact, Trump supporters and GOP officials tried to justify Roy Moore with using arguments as insane as that Jesus’ dad did it, so good ol’ Roy was just being biblical and then, of course, the lazy man’s argument: just blame the victims.  Is this why they have not said anything about the Drumpka issue?  And what can Jared be thinking, knowing his father-in-law has a “thing” for his wife? (Shudders with the thought).  Someone needs to call Trump out on this before it becomes normalized – it’s hard to believe that hasn’t happened already.

Whatever the reason for silence may be, one thing is for certain.  Donald’s “affection” for Ivanka is more than simple father-daughter adoration.  It’s downright creepy.

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    • I did a little checking a few months ago, trying to decide whether to mention whether tRump might be a victim of incest and that he likely practiced it himself. As it turns out, a LOT of Communist countries and 3rd world countries practice Incest and it’s no big deal in their homelands. It’s present in many European and Asiatic countries, in fact. Only a person with close association to Incest could make the statements rat’s assed tRump has made and lest we forget the reports that he and his entire family were unable to successfully fill out voting registration forms for 2016, and were thus unable to vote. I’ll just bet that Incest acccounts for a very high percentage of what’s wrong with this imbecile we call tRump! It answers SO may questions and SO many strange observations of him!
      And now he has Putin worried about him, and is still being blackmailed by Putin. No surprise there; they might be bedmates.

      Time to go wash out my mouth and brain for a half hour or so … to get the taste of tRump out of my being!


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