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The trials and tribulations of being a Trump supporter looking for love has been covered. Entrepreneurs everywhere have seen these lovelorn MAGA-hat-wearing romantics, and said to themselves: these guys are such rubes, I could make some of that Trump-scam money off of them! A handful of dating apps and websites have sprouted up, promising real-life digital connections to men and women (but mostly men) that love Trump and are looking for that special someone to share their collection of “Lock her up” kitchen magnets with. One such promise of romance was offered by the phone app, DonaldDaters.

According to TechCrunch, DonaldDaters promised to be an “American-based singles community connecting lovers, friends, and Trump supporters alike,” with only the best reviews from not-fake news sites like Fox News and the Daily Mail. Finally, an app where people, who aren’t racist but wish that America was more like it used to be when racism was considerably more chic, can meet other people who love women—when those women just do what their strong-like-tiger boyfriend tells them to do. Like everything in Trump country, there’s some good news under a hot steaming pile of terrible news.

Elliot Alderson, a French security researcher, shared the database with TechCrunch, which included users’ names, profile pictures, device type, their private messages — and access tokens, which can be used to take over accounts.

The data was accessible from a public and exposed Firebase data repository, which was hardcoded in the app. Shortly after TechCrunch contacted the app maker, the data was pulled offline.

The app kicked off its inaugural match-making day by exposing all of its users’ private data.


I know it looks like I’m laughing hysterically, but seriously, those tears are for you “good folks,” wondering why you are having a hard time finding a woman who will support your relentless attack of women in society.

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