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Donald Trump’s Friday morning: declare a national emergency.

Donald Trump’s Friday afternoon: jet off to Mar-a-Lago.

Things are so terrible at the border, so incredibly dangerous despite what all the statistics tell us, that it is an EMERGENCY to build a wall. The emergency is not so severe, however, that Trump doesn’t have the leisure to hang with billionaires at his private club and do some secret golfing. After a few hours of executive time, of course. The man’s got to rest up between ranting while signing some pieces of paper and getting on Air Force One.

Priorities, I tell you.

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  1. ..and just as he’s about to tee-off on the back 9, a secret service agent approaches him to say, “Sir, Robert Mueller has just delivered his findings to the attorney general, put your hands where i can see them & spread ‘em” !

  2. Lining his own pockets is the only thing Don the Con know how to do. He loves spending other people’s money. It is time that he gets put behind bars for all the corrupt things he has done in his lifetime.

    • You are absolutely right, and the very worst thing about that, is that it was/is a well known fact what a conman, liar, shill, delusional moron, lunatic, a tax cheat, money launderer, sexual predator, (left any out? please let me know) that he is, and STILL he is in the WH. Whether by hook or crook he is there, and the GOP continues to support him only because it enriches their financial gain as well. Just as the message was to get out the vote in the recent midterms, it must be doubled, even tripled coming up in 2020.


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