Donald Trump’s favorite topic with world leaders? His own hotels, of course

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As much as the American public hears Donald Trump talking about his hotels, foreign leaders apparently hear it even more in their interactions with him. The man just cannot shut up about his private property even when doing his public job, and everyone seems to have a different theory about why.

“He talks up his properties every chance he gets with anyone—with staff, with members of Congress, with the press, with the public, with foreign leaders, with anyone,” a former White House official told Politico. “That’s what he has done. He’s been a salesman. He’s been a PR person for his properties for the last 50 years, so almost out of force of habit, that’s what he does.”

That’s theory one: “almost out of force of habit.”

Theory two, from a “former senior administration official,” is that “It’s literally to show how big and powerful I am.” And definitely the best way a U.S. president shows power is to talk about hotels.

Theory three, from “An official who worked for Trump after he was elected during the transition,” is that “He’s just trying to relate. He’s looking for issues of commonality, just trying to personally connect with someone.”

Add that up and what you get is someone who’s so stunted and narcissistic that every thought and impulse is filtered through the lens of his resort properties. Need to relate to someone? Talk about hotels. Need to dominate someone? Talk about hotels. Just looking for conversation topics? Talk about hotels. And, of course, need to host a major international event? Locate it at your own hotel until you can’t take the heat.

Donald Trump just seems to think his hotels are more important and interesting than the interests of the United States. Go figure.

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Look at me me me , mine are bigger. This person who is impersonating a president is so narcissistic ,that when he looks at a mirror the thing shatters,anyway does he start every conversation with the Bob Bodett line ,”we’ll leave the light on for you.” Is he offering a personal turn down service? Stay 2 nights and get a free bucket of chicken? A third night gets you bed bugs and cockroaches from the kitchen, what more can a foreign dignitary ask for??

Rick Bevilacqua
Rick Bevilacqua
If Trump is so rich, why is he always flogging his properties? Why would he need to? Is this why he will never voluntarily produce his tax returns? He doesn’t want anyone to know that he is a few room rentals away from his 6th bankruptcy, and that his eroding solvency is supported by laundering Russian money. But it will all come out in the wash. Trump will end up bankrupt….and in prison, where he will receive room and board from the very country and taxpayers he has scammed his whole life. I can’t wait for visitor’s day – I… Read more »