It’s Sunday again and that leaves me searching for reading materials. I was scrolling through the different articles and I found a story on Trump. Imagine that! Anyway, it discusses Trump’s response to the COVID-19 virus. The bottom line of the story is that Trump will fail the 3 A.M. test.  The 3.a.m. test was a 2008 campaign ad that asked voters to consider which candidate would perform better in an unexpected emergency: “It’s 3 a.m. and your children are safe and asleep, but there’s a phone in the White House and it’s ringing … Your vote will decide who answers that call.” How would the candidates respond when confronted with an emergency? Trump already failed the 3 a.m. test.  He failed America on the COVID response.

Now, to say what Trump missed the boat on. It was on Trump’s watch that we had the pandemic. After the fact, we find that not only did Trump fail us, he lied about how bad the virus really was. Of course, he says he wasn’t given the information but several people have come forward and said he did receive this information. This particular article says that although he was in charge, he is not responsible for over 210,000 deaths, and the million-plus people that will have health problems for the rest of their lives.

Personally, I say he has blood on his hands and this is due to his total lack of even coming close to a proper response. An old saying comes into play here: “Close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades”. To claim anything else would be sacrilegious.

For example, the NBA managed to stay healthy long enough for a restricted schedule so their fans could have some fun. Now speaking of the NBA, they pulled together a strike for the George Floyd murderer in police custody.  Anyway, that precipitated probably the most memorable event in baseball history. These two teams went to their spots on the field. It looked normal at the start but it was anything but normal. All of a sudden both teams just started walking toward their dugouts and all the players in the dugouts piled on the field. I thought, ‘they haven’t done anything, this can’t be a bad call or anything’. They just sorta milled around then they went into their respective dugouts. It was then they said that in solidarity with the NBA, they would join their protest. Damnedest thing I personally ever saw. All for Black Lives Matter. And the NBA asked in their negotiations that club owners that had an interest in their auditoriums should open them to voting sites. And being as they are located in the business districts of large cities, it would give poor people and minority’s a place to vote.

So, Trump went and caught the virus. According to him, because we haven’t seen any of his test results. Now we are made to believe that he’s some sort of superhero because he had COVID and beat it with new experimental medicines. The news people have put together several timelines but the September 26 White House rose garden party for his SCOTUS pick falls in the mix. You know they had people hugging and very few masks in the crowd. There was a crowd estimated to be over a hundred people. Seven days after the party, eight people had tested positive for the virus.

In my opinion, Trump should face retribution for his failure to act on this pandemic. The problem is with this is which crimes do you charge him with? His taxes are an easy one. They will address his creative bookkeeping. That’s a gimme. But of everything else, I think his involvement in this crisis is criminal and we should lock him up. There should have never been 210,000 plus deaths.

And Trump keeps saying it’s no big deal. These people think it’s alright to have family gatherings. In an article today I read a sad story of a guy who got a group of family members together. They all got COVID. No one knows who brought it to the party but several of his family members are dead now. This disease kills people. His timeline reads that six people were at the party – Not a bad number. They all went home with the virus. The six turned to nine. Then the nine turned to fourteen. Then the fourteen turned to nineteen…You get how this went. One of those who caught COVID was his father-in-law. They had just bought a tract of land and were going to build new homes on it. Both he and his father in law were in the hospital together. While he got better, his father-in-law didn’t. They had to put him on a ventilator. He laid in the hospital for seven weeks before he passed. He just never woke up. This poor guy had it made and it all fell apart. He, like Trump, didn’t believe in the virus. He called it a ‘scamdemic’. Now he knows what it is. He doesn’t call it a ‘scandemic’ anymore. I hope at least one person reads this and understands. This virus is bad. My grandson is in quarantine right now. He’s twelve now. So far he’s negative. He had just started school. Now he’s back home. All you can do is pray. It’s an enemy that you can’t fight.

To know our president doesn’t give a damn about this virus. All he wants to do is cling to the power of his office. He doesn’t even like shaking people’s hands because they might get dirt on him.

With all this blood on his hands, I don’t see how he would notice a little dirt.

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