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If you haven’t already heard, Donald Trump declared a national emergency a short while ago in order to use executive powers to fund the construction of his useless border wall—the one that most Americans do not want. The one that even the Republican-controlled Congress didn’t get around to funding during the last two years of its tenure. Saying that Trump’s wall is a farce is doing a disservice to farces. The excuse Trump gave for building the wall, in between contradicting himself, is that there is humanitarian and security “crisis” at our southern border. To support this, Trump has spouted completely made-up “facts” about immigrant and violent crime rates.

All available government and private data contradict the Trump administration’s assertions. There are fewer undocumented immigrants coming across out southern border. The rate of crime among undocumented immigrants is lower than the national average for any group of people. This has been covered extensively in the media.

Trump took questions from reporters, something he loathes doing, since they ask questions and challenge him to support the stupid hateful ignorance that comes out of his mouth. After a cantankerous exchange with CNN’s Jim Acosta—already once suspended from White House press conferences for challenging Donald Trump—Brian Karem, White House correspondent for Playboy, used his time to follow up. He, like the rest of us, wants to know where the hell Trump gets his numbers.

Karem: Mr. President, to follow up on that. Unifying crime reporting statistics—numbers from your own border control and government—show the amount of illegal immigrants are—

Trump: You have 26 people killed on the border a mile away from where I went.

Karem: I was there. I understand. That’s not the question.

Trump: Do we forget about that?

Karem: No. I’m asking you to clarify where you get your numbers. Most of the DEA crime-reporting statistics show that drugs come through at the ports of entry, that illegal immigration is down, and the violence is down. What do you base your facts on? Secondly—

Trump: No. You get one. Sit down.

Karem: Could you please answer?

Trump: Sit down. I get my numbers from Homeland Security primarily, and the numbers I have from Homeland Security are a disaster. You know what else is a disaster? The numbers that come out of Homeland Security for the cost that we spend and the money we lose because of illegal immigration. Billions and billions of dollars a month. It’s unnecessary.

Karem: Your own government stats are wrong?

Trump: No. I use many stats.

Karem: Could you share those stats with us?

Trump: You have stats far worse than what I use. I use many stats. I use Homeland Security.

This person just took billions from national security in order to fund less national security, based on nonexistent statistics and crime rates that the people in his corrupt administration haven’t been able to cook up to match his dumb mouth yet.

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  1. Such an idiot. I understand that any death is unbearable but to place urgency on the individuals killed by illegal immigrants and to ignore all the individuals killed by Americans is just wrong. WTF is wrong with him? He uses people to make himself look good. He doesn’t give a F about anyone but himself and his family. 2 years later and I still can’t understand how he was voted in.

  2. That was the most unprofessional hostile childlike response from trumper who is seriously mentally ill or has had a stroke or something-that obese old man has no business still in office an this country is sick of his shit-take him out

  3. He is an incompetent delusional moron. He lies constantly and does not know the first thing about the government since he doesn’t read anything. Republicans are just as much to blame that he is still in office. Get this nut job out of office McConnel, Grassley, Hatch and the rest of the old cronies. You will all pay dearly in 2020.


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