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In what feels like yet another attempt by President Donald Trump to gaslight our nation, he is now tossing around Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign slogan. During a speech Trump gave in El Paso, Texas, yesterday on border security, he proclaimed, “We’re only getting stronger together,” which is an obviously heavy, heavy riff on Clinton’s “Stronger Together.”

People on Twitter were quick to point this out Monday evening. So what did the GOP do? It whipped it into a graphic with superimposed text reading none other than, “We’re only getting stronger together,” and posted it to social media.

Seriously, here it is:

Republican National Committee spokesperson Steve Guest told The Hill, “When you lose your campaign, you lose your monopoly on any slogans,” as though that makes this remotely decent.

Surprising no one, Trump’s copy gets even worse with additional context. Clinton and Tim Kaine, her running mate, even wrote a book with the title Stronger Together. A woman can write a book on something and a man will still try to steal her work.

This isn’t the first time Trump has stolen someone else’s slogan. His “Make America Great Again” stems back to Ronald Reagan’s “Let’s make America great again” from the ‘80s.

Trump’s recent move goes beyond just laziness, however. It feels like gaslighting and manipulation. The American people want her to be the actual president, not just see a mirror effect of her slogan. (Clinton did get more votes, after all.)

People on Twitter were quick to call Trump out:

And of course, after Melania Trump’s plagiarism run-in with Michelle Obama, Twitter has some snarky comments on that front, too:

Will Trump ever stop embarrassing this country?

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