Donald Trump STILL doesn’t get it. Let’s hope that continues.


Please, just keep yappin’, you dumbass. Donald Trump has long been reputed to be a master magician of the media, getting them to follow the bright, shiny objects, but it turns out that he isn’t too hard to mesmerize himself.

Personally, I hope that the Mueller probe goes on for at least another six months. Because, as long as it does, Trump’s attention span is pretty much monolithic. And it can be summed by two simple words, the ones most often to come out of the mouth of, or off of the fat, short Twitter thumbs of, Donald John Trump. “No collusion!”Donald Trump’s ego is about to kill him, and it may just take his kids future down with him. Everybody already knows that Der Gropinfuror is a cheap, corrupt, morally bankrupt little man. That’s baked into the cake. But the one thing that Trump can’t tolerate is anybody thinking that his presidential victory was illegitimate, that he had Russian help. In other words, that he’s a loser!

This indulgence of his over sized ego colors everything he does. That’s why he leads off every statement or comment, no matter what the subject, with the words “There was no collusion!” And that single minded obsession isn’t just going to ultimately land him in prison, it’s going to break him.

Pretend that you’re a detective for just a moment. You’re looking at somebody for having committed a murder. You don’t find enough evidence that he committed the murder to charge him, but you find ample evidence that he’s a world class loan shark. Do you just slap the file folder shut and mutter, “Shit! I thought for sure he did it!”, or do you turn that nice, fat file full of evidence over to prosecutors to nail him for extortion and loan sharking?

That is exactly what is going on here. Trump is in such a frenzy about proving his legitimacy as President, that he’s ignoring the fact that the barbarians are at the gate. The NY State tax authorities are investigating him for tax fraud, as well as tax avoidance on his parents tax scam to funnel inheritance money to him and his sister by illegal means. The New York Attorney General is investigating his financial dealings with at least two banks for inflating his assets to fraudulently get loans and lower insurance premiums, plus possible fraudulent claims, and does anybody think that using his real estate business for money laundering, quite possibly Russian money, can be far behind? And call me kooky, but I highly doubt that the Manhattan District Attorney is going to stop with Paul Manafort. It’s open season in New York State right now, and Donald Trump is the only one not wearing an orange vest while he stomps around in the woods.

Ask yourself this. If Robert Mueller totally crucifies Trump in his report, what’s the worst that can happen? They impeach him, and he gets bounced from the White House, either pardoning himself on the way out, or resigning in return from a pardon from Pence. He goes back to running his company. And on’t kid yourself, the only thing that Donald Trump has ever cared about is the money. But Trump becoming President started people looking at all kinds of shit that they never bothered with before, because, as Nancy Pelosi so eloquently put it, “He just isn’t worth it.”

But now, because the investigation into possible Russian interference and obstruction of justice have uncovered collateral damage, not only federal investigators, but NY State investigators are looking into his financial dealings, and deeply. What if investigators find not only criminal conduct, but a long standing pattern of criminal conduct involving wire fraud, bank fraud, insurance fraud, and money laundering that fits together well enough for New York to charge his business under the states own version of the RICO statute? Not only would Trump end his life in prison, but prosecutors coud literally suck his company dry, as well as seizing any personal assets that were purchased with “illicit money.” That’s the kind of justice I’m looking for here. And either nobody has told him yet, or he just refuses to understand, that a Presidential pardon can’t save him from state charges.

The moral of this story is to be careful what you wish for. Donald Trump never wanted to actually be the President, he just wanted to be richer and more famous. But there’s a thin line between fame and infamy, and it’s starting to look like Donald Trump is about to jump over that line with both feet.

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Yup, the state charges are the icing on the “downfall of trump” cake, when the criminal activity removes his illegally obtained “wealth”, (whatever that actually is), and the infamy of his pathetic excuse for a presidency is outshone by the criminality of his entire business life.

Michael owens
Michael owens

Hi, i really hope it pans out like you say. However money talks, especially in the usa. Impeachment would take forever to happen, he would be out of office by then. There are several felonies hes commited. Why isnt anything been done about these things!!!. Why why….?