Donald Trump reportedly called Rep. Matt Gaetz to praise him for the threatening Cohen tweet

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On the eve of Michael Cohen’s testimony before the House Oversight Committee, Rep. Matt Gaetz sent a tweet that was construed by nearly everyone who saw it as a direct threat to Trump’s longtime personal attorney. It is hard to read it as anything other than an attempt to intimidate a witness testifying about federal crimes. Indeed, Rep. Stacey Plaskett stated on the record that she believed it should be referred to the House Ethics Committee and then went even further, saying it possibly even deserves referral for criminal prosecution.

Matt Gaetz tweet threatening Michael Cohen.


Gaetz would later delete the tweet and publicly apologize to Speaker Nancy Pelosi, saying he “should’ve chosen his words better.” But there are reports that not everyone was repulsed by the brazen attempt to intimidate Michael Cohen.

The Florida Bar Association is currently investigating Matt Gaetz’s tweet and intent, which seem to be crystal clear witness tampering. If this report is true, one would guess the Florida Bar Association would be very interested in Gaetz gleefully telling Donald Trump he was “happy to do it for you.”

This report also leads to another important question that must be answered: Who gave this allegedly damaging information about Michael Cohen to the congressman from Florida? Gaetz is known to have a good relationship with Donald Trump. Did Trump himself or a close associate give Gaetz information on his longtime attorney/friend with the expectation he would weaponize it to intimidate Cohen? Congress must investigate, because if that turns out to be the case, it is another attempt to obstruct justice, and it widens the conspiracy net to include another Republican member of Congress. When asked if he’d spoken to Trump about the allegations Gaetz intended to make against Cohen, here’s what Gaetz said.

For the record, that isn’t a denial. After Dovere’s report began making the rounds on Twitter, Gaetz simply tweeted #FakeNews.

From bringing a Holocaust denier to the State of the Union as his guest, to appearing as a guest on InfoWars with rabid host Alex Jones, to carrying water for and doing Donald Trump’s dirty work, Matt Gaetz continues to show, day in and day out, that he is wholly unfit to serve in the United States Congress.

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