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In case you missed it, Donald Trump spent his Thanksgiving holiday doing the things Donald Trump does. He went to his privately owned, for-profit club, because of course he did. He played golf, because of course he did. And he flagrantly lied about easily checkable facts that were indeed easily checked, because he is an unstable, narcissistic idiot with the brainpower of one-half of one of those turkeys he just pardoned, a malevolent tiny-fingered garbage fire of a human being who, if America was just slightly less enamored of the idea of putting moron aristocrats in charge of things, would probably have ended up either in jail for fraud or in a police report after he stuck his tongue in a toaster to try to tan it golden-brown.

It was left to the people actually in charge of such things to explain to both the compulsive liar and the nation currently pressed under his stubby thumb that no, that is not how this works. That is not, according to both Time itself and its editor, how any of this works.

Trump, who is clearly either dishonest or simply batshit insane, take-your-pick, has been obsessed with the magazine’s annual award for years. He famously displayed a fake mock-up of himself on a Time cover as if it were real. He appears to have absolutely no awareness of how mercilessly he his mocked, worldwide, for his bizarre, delusional claims.

As a reminder, there is absolutely no need to treat this gibbering, tantrum-prone fart-in-a-suit with even the slightest trace of respect. He is dumb, unstable, and apparently incapable of truthful speech. The goal of every American should be to treat him like garbage, if for no other reason than to make the much-needed point to the rest of our leaders that there is indeed a limit to how monstrous and cretinous a person you are allowed to be, in office—a warning, to the rest of our politicians, that down this road of constant crookery and bullshit lies nothing but tar and feathers and an eventual grave surrounded by a high iron fence to discourage passersby from taking empty, petty revenge on it years and decades later.

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