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Before Donald Trump was inaugurated, a poll showed that Republicans were about as likely to say history would view him as an above average president as Democrats were to say he would be seen as a below average president—about three quarters on each side. Things have changed:

In that context, the new Washington Post-ABC News poll released Sunday offers bad news for President Trump. Sure, we still found a wide partisan split, with more than three-quarters of Democrats viewing Trump’s job performance as worse than most past presidents (including a staggering 62 percent saying it’s much worse). But only 57 percent of Republicans said he’s doing better than average — including 43 percent saying he’s doing much better. […]

Overall, half the country thinks he’s performing worse than most past presidents, with nearly 4 in 10 saying he’s doing much worse. Twenty-three percent of Americans say he’s doing better.

This is not a popular president.

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