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Media, especially cable news, needs to stop treating celebrations of violence by Donald Trump at rallies as “smart politics”. That’s not what it should be called.

This is unacceptable behavior, from Trump, from anyone. Call it what it is. And do better than just repeating Trump lies and GOP talking points. We have an election in two weeks, and people need to know where the GOP stands on this.

Donald Trump, at long last, have you no decency? Media, at long last, have you no standards?

“Oh look he’s threatening violence. And it just might work” is the absolute worst of political punditry. if you wrote this or plan to write it, just stop and add context or just retire.

As for us, media won’t do it for us. Do it for yourself. Vote these people out.

Here is some much needed international perspective:

Cas Mudde/Guardian:

Populism is not the whole story – European politics is rewiring itself

Which leads us to the real story of the Bavarian elections, and of most recent elections on the continent. While it is true that populist parties, and more specifically populist radical right parties, have been on the rise in the 21st century, this is only one part of a bigger, and more important story: namely the transformation of European party politics.

This transformation affects all parties, not just the populist ones. Centre-left parties are the main losers, greens and radical right parties the main winners, while centre-right parties survive, and sometimes prosper (at least in the short term), by moving sharply right. In addition to the Rechtsruck (political swing to the right), primarily in socio-cultural terms (notably immigration and integration), it has also led to more problematic and prolonged coalition formation processes, from Germany to Sweden, and more vulnerable coalition governments.

This transformation of European politics deserves more attention from academics and journalists alike, who too often get distracted by a simplistic “populists versus establishment” frame, and reduce stability and volatility to gains and losses of individual parties. As Bob Dylan sang more than 50 years ago, “The times they are a changin’” – but this time we need less rigid weathermen to know which way the wind blows.

Here is the CW from DC pundits, this from Meet the Press:

And like in 2016, this pure brute force from Trump could work, because there is no equal response from Democrats. If the next 18 days are going to be like last night, Trump’s message will be the dominant one. Are Democratic TV ads on health care, bipartisanship and “check and balance” enough to counter Trump on the campaign trail?

Suzanne Israel Tufts, a senior official at the Department of Housing and Urban Development, resigned Friday from the federal government, according to administration officials.

While HUD Secretary Ben Carson had announced a week ago that Tufts would take over as acting inspector general at Interior, officials at Interior on Thursday described that news as “100 percent false.”

Politico talks to people who don’t know in order to pretend they do:

Mueller report PSA: Prepare for disappointment

And be forewarned that the special counsel’s findings may never be made public.

Depends who wins the House, doesn’t it? Does the above get you angry? Want to hear what Mueller has to say? Go vote.


Trump’s Twitter feuds and controversies have overpowered the GOP economic message, and his persistently low approval ratings may dash any Republican hopes of bucking history by avoiding the loss of House seats in the midterm elections less than three weeks away.

“Theoretically, the economy should take some of the edge off Democratic gains,” said David Wasserman, a House race analyst with the non-partisan Cook Political Report. “The problem for Republicans is President Trump, who frequently dominates the headlines with non-economic news.”

And just last night ICYMI:

Anchorage Daily News

Gov. Bill Walker drops out of campaign for Alaska governor

“On balance, it is my belief that despite my many differences with Mark Begich, his stance on important issues that I have listed are more closely aligned with my priorities for Alaska.”

“It is the honor of my life to have served as the governor of this great state,” he said.

Begich is a Democrat and he and the Gov. were splitting the anti-Republican Mike Dunleavy vote, who was leading a three-way race.

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  1. Us Aussies down here have been staunch allies of the US, for over a 100 yrs . We have fought n died side by side all over the world. Having said that…this discussting thing called DT, is the epitomy of the Ugly American!!!… i feel sadness to all the decent Americans that have their integrity and morals, dragged through the mud, by this thing DT..,


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