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The easiest thing to prove in American politics today is that Donald Trump told a lie. It’s so easy that the Washington Post has done it more than 5,000 times. Catching Trump saying something that is demonstrably untrue happens so often that it has ceased to be newsworthy. And that may actually be the strategy on Trump’s part. If he lies about everything than reporting any of his lies is somewhat redundant.

Nevertheless, it is imperative that the President not be permitted to get away with racking up frequent fabricator miles at the expense of the nation. After all, when he does go down, among the charges against him are likely to be several involving perjury. The fact that he is establishing a pattern of behavior that will attest to his recklessness with the truth is only going to end up biting him in his ample posterior.

On Tuesday Trump dumped a truckload of manure on Twitter that adds to his chronicle of bullcrap. He must not have any presidenting to do because he had the time to post sixteen tweets, most of which contained varying degrees of untruths. From his assertion that Elizabeth Warren’s DNA test was “bogus,” to his video assault on Medicare-for-All that blatantly misrepresented the initiative and his own sabotage of healthcare for millions of citizens. But perhaps the most brazen distortion of reality was his claim that he has “no financial interests in Saudi Arabia.”

What makes this preposterous posting so uniquely debunkable is that all you need are Trump’s own words. He has spent years boasting about the millions of dollars he makes off of the Saudis. And the ease with which this flagrant lie could be refuted was even too much for Fox News to resist. And they did a pretty good job of beating Trump’s lying horseface into pulp:

The @FoxNewsResearch Twitter account is surprisingly accurate from time to time, and it isn’t afraid to criticize Trump, unlike the sycophantic Trump-fluffers on the air at Fox News. The items listed in the tweet above prove that Trump lied about his involvement with Saudi money. They left a couple out though. For instance, in 2016: Trump registered eight new companies in Saudi Arabia, during his campaign. And his recent bleating about the $110 billion in arms that he’s selling to Saudi Arabia actually influenced his opinion regarding the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

It is also notable that Trump’s daughter Ivanka, and his son-in-law Jared Kushner, have Saudi financial ties as well. And Trump has gone out of his way to exempt the Saudis from any negative consequences for their actions. Like when he left them off of his Muslim Ban despite the fact that all but one of the 9/11 terrorists were from Saudi Arabia.

The unsavory connections between Trump and Saudi royalty just reeks of corruption. It’s not unlike his relationships with Kim Jong Un and Vladimir Putin. He just adores foreign dictators who are avowed enemies of America. And that should make Americans think long and hard about where he stands with regard to his loyalties here at home. Especially when his treasonous acts are so open that even Fox News reports on them.

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  1. Investigation Reveals that Trump Made Millions from Drug Money Laundering in Panama
    President Donald Trump made millions of dollars in profits by allowing Colombian drug cartels and other groups to launder money through a Trump-affiliated hotel in Panama, according to an investigation by the organization Global Witness.
    In the early 2000s, a series of bankruptcies meant Donald Trump was shunned by most lenders. Struggling for credit, Trump started selling his name to high-end real estate projects. One of these developed Panama’s Trump Ocean Club International Hotel and Tower.
    In its report, Global Witness said that Colombian drug cartels purchased hotel units to hide the origins of money earned through drug trafficking, and that Trump was one of the biggest beneficiaries of the money laundering.

    I guess google is not adhering to the Howler’s call for no negative info coming up on him LOL

  2. Ivana Trump Says Donald Kept a Copy of Hitler’s Speeches for Bedtime Reading
    Like Germany’s dictator Adolf Hitler, real-estate mogul Donald Trump frequently uses racism, xenophobia, and other techniques of scapegoating to incite his
    coalition of angry voters.

    I just cannot believe anyone could call this man a racist.

  3. Oh there’s more…

    Investing in luxury properties is a tried and trusted way for criminals to move tainted cash into the legitimate financial system, where they can spend it freely.
    One key player at the Trump Ocean Club was David Eduardo Helmut Murcia Guzmán, who a U.S. court subsequently sentenced to nine years in prison for laundering millions in drug money. Another was Guzmán’s business associate, Ventura Nogueira, who brokered nearly a third of the pre-construction unit sales at the Trump Ocean Club. Nogueira’s sales brokerage was critical to ensuring the project’s lift-off and Trump’s ability to earn tens of millions of dollars.
    At Trump Ocean Club, Trump received a percentage of the financing he helped secure. He also got a cut on every unit sold at the development. Trump and his family made millions more from management fees. The family even participated in marketing and project design. Broker Ventura Nogueira said that Trump’s daughter Ivanka met with him and project developer Roger Khafif at least ten times.
    Nogueira told both NBC News and Reuters that many of those involved with the Trump Ocean Club were Russians and Eastern Europeans with “questionable backgrounds.” Nogueira added that he found out later that some were part of the Russian Mafia.

  4. tRump’s escalating pattern of lying reached >5,000 in under two years since inauguration. Without doubt, he will top the 10K mark in the next two years, but will he top the 20K mark by election 2020?


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