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Trump adviser and original Nixon dirty trickster Roger Stone was arrested on Friday morning in a pre-dawn raid of his Florida home following a seven-count indictment by the grand jury. The raid was captured on video, as CNN was at Stone’s home at the moment agents—who were working through the shutdown without pay—arrived to burst into Stone’s residence in a SWAT-style procedure and take the long-time Republican strategist away.

The investigative focus on Stone has been clear since the fall of 2018, as both Stone and many of his associates have been pulled in repeatedly to appear either before the special counsel or the grand jury. An unusual Thursday session of the grand jury, in which the stepson of Stone associate Jerome Corsi was apparently the only one interviewed, seems to have been the final bit of groundwork before the charges against Stone were filed.

The indictment indicates that Stone, who was officially part of the Trump campaign in 2015, remained in communications with multiple members of campaign throughout the election. As expected based on previous statements, the focus is on Stone’s communications with “organization 1,” which is clearly WikiLeaks, and his coordination between WikiLeaks and the Trump campaign.

A court appearance is scheduled for 11 AM Friday.

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  1. Can’t wait until they get to the top, which would be the Criminal in the White House, and his whole Family. They may even take some Senators with them who were in cohorts with Russia/NRA $$.


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