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The Ring of Fire / YouTube

One thing that you may depend upon with respect to the Trump administration is that they project consistently. Just look at what is contended “they” usually Democrats, are doing and that is in fact what Trump and cabal is doing. Today was no exception. Collusion is the topic and Donald Trump Jr. alleges that the New York Times did it with Hillary Clinton in order to give the State Department, and Clinton, time 1. To come up with spin for problematic stories, or 2. Create a diversion, “thus overriding a damaging story with other news its friends in the mainstream media would happily cover instead,” according to conservative website Daily Wire via RawStory:

The email released by WikiLeaks was authored by New York Times national security reporter Scott Shane. The email shows that he provided the State Department with information about when the newspaper planned to publish articles about a trove of leaked U.S. diplomatic cables.

Shane, however, dismissed the allegations as “nonsense.” In a series of tweets, he explained that the newspaper worked with the State Department to protect dissidents from hostile retailation from foreign governments.

Probably the most reasonable explanation for Trump Jr.’s misleading statement is the fact that there are numerous stories that he and brother-in-law Jared Kushner are potentially next up to be indicted by the FBI Trump Russia investigation.

Here’s the PDF on file “Background To Assessing Russian Activities And Intentions In Recent US Elections,” for background on who has been colluding with whom, and for what purpose.

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