Donald J. Trump donated thousands to Kamala Harris. Just sayin’


A few years ago, an orange man thought highly enough of Kamala Harris to donate not once, but twice, to her campaign for state Attorney General.

NBC News: “According to California state records, President Trump — while a private citizen — twice donated to Kamala Harris while she was a candidate for state AG.”

His initial contribution was at the highest level of sponsorship for her campaign. A wee bit awkward when he starts attacking her, no?

The Washington Examiner reported last year that according to an affidavit signed by Trump, he and his daughter Ivanka made the $5,000 donation at the request of then-New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman.

Kamala Harris told the Sacramento Bee in 2015 that she donated the money to a nonprofit group that assists Central Americans, which no doubt gets under his skin. These are the people he would take their children from and lock in cages just two years later.

Trump already went on a tirade against Kamala, calling her “anti-police” and having “no morals.” (That’s rich, coming from him.)  He forgot to mention the most damning thing about her though—supported by Trump!

See you in November, Donald.

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3 Comments on "Donald J. Trump donated thousands to Kamala Harris. Just sayin’"

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Marie Tobias

Naw, he saw this coming way back and is hoping when the time comes Kamala won’t spank him too hard…


Hey Kamalia is a strong woman who tells it like it is and we all know how Trump handles strong women, this will be great to watch, I can’t wait until she takes him apart, just another thought Does anyone think that Mike Pence may have noticed that target on his back since this announcement by Joe Biden as he may have some cause to worry especially if Nicky Haley is available, Just sayin

Denis Elliott
Denis Elliott
I’m pretty sure Biden just cut off the idea of dumping Pence for Haley at the knees. Hayley’s supposed pluses would be that she’s an attractive “woman of color” (and trust me – for a lot of the male Trump goobers looks matter in a woman candidate) albeit with Indian heritage instead of African American. We are however talking about MAGAts and the darker skin tone (but not “too” dark for them!) would give them all they needed to say “SEE? WE put up a “colored” woman and not the Democrats who are the real racist Party!” And if they… Read more »