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Donald Trump Jr. has been meeting increased scrutiny in the Trump Russia probe with defiance and people are aghast, wondering if sheer hubris or sheer stupidity motivates him, or both. He put this on Instagram a few days ago:

“More nothing burgers from the media and others desperately trying to create a false narrative. Keep coming at me guys!!!”

CNN’s New Day reacted:

Chris Cuomo:  “Hopefully he’s talking to us and not to the feds, because that would be, by definition, crazy talk.”

Paul Callan: “It is absolutely crazy. It’s like going to the zoo with a steak in your hand and walking into the tiger’s cage. He’s saying, ‘come on, bring it on, feds.’ It is the Twitter philosophy of criminal defense which is: insult the prosecutor and maybe you will scare him into backing off.”

“That doesn’t work with a special prosecutor, they are seasoned professionals. All he is doing is making his own situation worse. I have never seen somebody frankly do this in a serious criminal case, to say: ‘bring it on, boys.’ With the feds there are so many offenses that somebody can be charged with that the feds can bring up. Any federal form you ever filled out inaccurately is a potential federal crime, any inaccuracy is a crime. It is foolish to taunt the tiger as Don Jr. does.

Meanwhile, Trump’s attorney, Jay Sekulow, says that the recent news about Michael Flynn’s attorneys not speaking about the Trump Russia investigation and Flynn possibly cooperating with the Mueller investigation is no biggie and he knew it was coming:

“This is not entirely unexpected.”

“No one should draw the conclusion that this means anything about General Flynn cooperating against the president,” he said, adding, “It’s important to remember that General Flynn received his security clearance under the previous administration.”

Whatever that may mean.  In all events, speculation at this point is that the next round of indictments are going to be Flynn, Sr., (unless he makes some other arrangement), Flynn Jr. Trump Jr. and Jared Kushner.  It will be interesting to see how long Donald Jr.’s cavalier attitude lasts once he gets indicted.

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