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This could be another watershed event in Trump world and one that is long overdue. Fox News and right-wing media have walked scot free long enough with their conspiracy theory and firehose of falsehoods and it looks like now they may have to become accountable. Dominion Voting Systems sent a letter two days ago to Fox News, Newsmax, OAN and Rush Limbaugh asking them to preserve documents. The heat is on. Business Insider:

The letters, dated December 22, warn the recipients to preserve documents and copies of correspondence related to Dominion. The company is at the center of a conspiracy theory that it has secret ties to the rival election tech company Smartmatic, as well as the regime of the now-dead Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez, and developed technology to secretly flip votes from President Donald Trump to President-elect Joe Biden.

“We have put Fox and Newsmax and OAN on notice that we have claims, and that we are evaluating those claims, and that we’re intending to pursue those claims,” Dominion attorney Tom Clare told Insider in an interview Wednesday night. “We want to make sure that not only are they preserving documents, but they’re not doubling down on these same allegations.”

It would be interesting to see the contents of this letter and see if the actual words cease and desist are used. But even if they’re not, there is little chance that these companies’ lawyers can interpret the letter as friendly to the ongoing broadcast of allegations which cannot be backed up by fact.

Dominion has also sent letters to the Epoch Times, another influential right-wing media outlet, and Marisa Carone, a Michigan resident whom Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani has falsely touted as a witness to voter fraud.

Insider reported Wednesday that Dominion also sent a document preservation letter to Giuliani, who has spread elements as the same conspiracy theory even as he has sought to distance himself from Powell. Dominion also sent a document preservation letter to White House counsel Pat Cipollone.

“We want Giuliani to preserve documents because he, of course, has been involved in many of these conversations,” Clare told Insider. “We are looking very seriously at Giuliani’s out of court statements that he has made, because he has made any of the same false and damaging allegations as Sidney Powell.”

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