Rudy Giuliani (C), attorney for US President Donald Trump, walks with his personal Communications Director Christianne Allen (R) and One America News Network's Chanel Rion, after speaking at the White House in Washington, DC, on July 1, 2020. (Photo by JIM WATSON / AFP) (Photo by JIM WATSON/AFP via Getty Images)

Sometimes the shit comes down so heavy I feel like I should wear a hat. — Body Heat, 1981

Rudy, Rudy, Rudy. The crazy train carrying you and your idiot buddies is going over a cliff.

It was only a few days ago that Lou Dobbs and various other lying shitweasels scurried in front of the cameras to disavow the lies and slanders they have spewed about Dominion Voting System and Smartmatic, another voting machine manufacturer. Why? Because Dominion and Smartmatic are threatening colossal lawsuits.

Now the threats are becoming real.

Eric Coomer, director of product strategy and security for Dominion, is suing the Trump campaign, Giuliani, any number of Trump surrogates, and several right-wing propaganda mavens, alleging defamation.

NPR’s Bente Birkland writes that Coomer:

has been baselessly accused of using his position to mastermind a high-tech plot to steal the election for President-elect Joe Biden. Biden’s victory has been certified in the states by officials of both parties with no evidence of widespread fraud or irregularities.

Coomer’s suit accuses those named of “spreading the falsehoods of intentional infliction of emotional distress and civil conspiracy.”

Coomer is in hiding after having been subjected to a blizzard of death threats, never-ending harassment, and, the suit alleges, “untold damage to his reputation as a national expert on voting systems.” Coomer left his home in mid-November and moved to a safe, undisclosed location.

Others named in the lawsuit are crazypants “lawyer” Sidney Powell, Newsmax, Conservative Daily, One America News Network, OANN reporter Chanel Rion, washed-up blogger Michelle Malkin, insane person Jim Hoft of Gateway Pundit, very insane blogger Eric Metaxas, and others.

Coomer said in a statement:

Today I have filed a lawsuit in Colorado in an effort to unwind as much of the damage as possible done to me, my family, my life, and my livelihood as a result of the numerous false public statements that I was somehow responsible for “rigging” the 2020 presidential election. … The widespread dissemination of false conspiracy theories about the 2020 presidential election has had devastating consequences both for me personally and for many of the thousands of American election workers and officials, both Republican and Democratic, who put aside their political beliefs to run free, fair, and transparent elections. Elections are not about politics; they are about accurately tabulating legally cast votes.

Funny thing about Dominion: it provides election equipment and software to 28 states. But only the states that “swung” from Trump to Biden in 2020 are named as the ones Dominion supposedly tilted.

Conservative podcaster Joe Oltmann is also named in the suit. Oltmann may have started the ball rolling against Coomer when, four days after the election, Oltmann falsely claimed that he had “infiltrated” a phone call between Coomer and Denver-area “antifa” members. According to Oltmann, a man identifying himself as “Eric from Dominion” said he was ensuring Trump wouldn’t win the election. Oltmann claimed that “Eric” said: “Don’t worry about the election. Trump is not going to win. I made effing sure of that.”

You should be righteously shocked that Oltmann has never provided a recording of that call, and I’m personally certain that he couldn’t pick three “antifa” members out of a line-up. Oltmann’s libelous claims went careening throughout the social-mediaosphere, and were echoed by some of the pro-Trump media outlets named in the lawsuit.

Coomer says that of course he has no connection to radical groups, or any other political groups for that matter:

I have a personal political opinion. I may share that with friends and family, but I have never participated, or belonged to, any political groups, political action groups, social justice groups. I do not donate to political campaigns. I don’t donate to any PACs or anything like that.

Right-wing social media clowns have doxxed Coomer, his parents, his siblings, and his ex-girlfriends. Many of them have also been threatened. Other Dominion employees have experienced similar harassment, and some of them have gone into hiding as well. Coomer told Colorado Public Radio:

I actually am in fear for my safety. I’m in fear for my family’s safety. These are real, tangible things coming out of these baseless accusations. … I’ve been threatened more times than I could even count. Whether it’s the standard online trolls, voicemails that are left almost on a daily basis, being called a traitor to this country. I can’t even begin to describe what effect this has had on my life. … Some of the threats that I’ve gotten have made very clear that these actors are in it for the long haul. The wishes are that I forever have to look over my shoulder. And I probably will.

I hope others join Coomer in his lawsuit, and he obtains a truly crushing verdict that chases these scumbags back into the sewer and allows Coomer and his colleagues to actually participate in society again…without having to constantly look over their shoulders.

Here’s hoping.


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  1. Cowards, Trolls and Keyboard Warriors bit off more than they’ll ever chew. Watch the rats run for cover.
    Murdochs FOX and dobbs were first to rescind their humbling that must’ve been to have their tail between the legs over law suit threats.
    The Lincoln Project should be all over this one.


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