DOJ: Trump is ‘too busy’ for congressional subpoenas

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Too busy? Yesterday he told a longwinded story about stacks of bald eagles dying underneath windmills. He also tweeted 14 times.

By definition, he’s not too busy.


After a morning court hearing where Trump sought to hold off the congressional subpoena of his accounting firm, the Justice Department told a separate federal judge overseeing a different court case that congressional Democrats should pause their pursuit of his records.

The reason they gave: the President is too busy to deal with it.

The case Tuesday in which the Justice Department asked for a pause centers around benefits that Trump’s companies appear to receive from foreign governments while he is in office — like governments’ hotel bookings and regulation approvals abroad.

This has to do with emoluments, which officeholders are prohibited from taking under our Constitution — which Donald Trump is apparently far too busy to read.

And, dude, we saw your schedule. You’ve got more free time than Bob Dole. Lounging in a bubble bath with a Penthouse Forum and an IV full of Sunny D and Adderall doesn’t count as an activity. Put the Quarter Pounders in a Vitamix first. That should save you a few hours. Plus, you spend more time on your golf courses than your greenskeepers.

Too busy. Riiiight.

So, what else are you going to lie about today?


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You filthy fat disgusting SOB You are not above the law. Start paying your dues for all the corrupt things you have done in your lifetime and especially now. You will pay and go down and hopefully loose all your assets and your name.