Another Former Guy scandal is growing.  Can we call it SpyGate yet?  Maybe WitchHuntGate?  Ideas?

Apple informed former White House counsel Don McGahn and wife that their records were sought by DOJ in 2018 CNN reports:

… their account records were sought by the Justice Department in February 2018, while McGahn was still the top lawyer representing the presidency, according to a person familiar.


… The pursuit was under a nondisclosure order until May, which would reveal that the DOJ went to a judge on several occasions to keep the subpoena under wraps during the Trump presidency.

“The disclosure that agents secretly collected data of a sitting White House counsel is striking as it comes amid a political backlash to revelations about Trump-era seizures of data of reporters and Democrats in Congress for leak investigations,” according to The Times.

The subpoena on February 23, 2018, by a grand jury in the Eastern District of Virginia, the same month DOJ subpoenaed House Intelligence Committee Democratic members.


Weeks before his records were subpoenaed, McGahn had reportedly fallen out of favor with Trump for refusing to instruct DOJ officials to fire then-special prosecutor Robert Mueller …

There’s no indication as to whether the pursuit of McGahn’s records were politically motivated or which investigation they may have been related to. A source told CNN that Mueller’s team was not behind the subpoena.

McGahn is one of several top officials to have had their records secretly obtained by the Trump DOJ as part of its investigation into the source of leaks related to the Russia probe.


Remember this, leaks TO Giuliani? 



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