DoJ nonsense continues as Barr tries to send Teflon Don a message using ABC

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Hard to manage a cover-up when the Don acts out in public although we’re not at the Vincente Gigante in pajamas moment.

#CarnivalBarkingClown and his consigliere … Aaron Blake @AaronBlake “The story here isn’t that an official told Trump to knock it off with the tweets. It’s that Barr confirmed he, the top political official at DOJ, was responsible for an unorthodox intervention in the case of a top Trump ally.”

Barr is right that this is exactly why presidents are generally cautious about weighing in on ongoing criminal matters. If the president does that, how can you discern what is truly independent from what is being done in response to presidential pressure? Barr’s comments were also stronger, notably, than those by some Republican members of Congress who essentially shrugged at the entire situation.

But it’s also important to recognize how much Barr gains by being seen as rebuking Trump — and how much his answers don’t really address the true controversy here.

The fact is that, even if Barr made this decision before Trump’s tweets and Trump never directly requested the action — even if there is no relation between what happened and what Trump has said — this is still highly problematic. It’s the president’s most senior political appointee in the Justice Department personally intervening in an unorthodox manner in the case of perhaps Trump’s longest-serving political ally. It’s precisely the kind of case in which you would want to make sure you try doubly hard to avoid even the appearance of political influence of any kind — whether that influence emanated from Trump or not. Instead, Barr decided this was a situation he needed to get involved in.…

As usual Trump tries to displace the impeachment trial meme that he “got caught” in the Arms for Dirt scandal.

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2 Comments on "DoJ nonsense continues as Barr tries to send Teflon Don a message using ABC"

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DJT isnt made of teflon, he is finished that is reality. He never gets to be dictator in the US.

chris whitley
chris whitley

Oh yes. The old bait and switch. Tell the old fart in public to shut up about justice system while privately we fix the trials in connection with your buddies. And shut the fck up about Ukraine you moron. How will I launch a counterattack if you keep giving out the secrets.