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Note as well Seth Abrahamson’s response to the above tweet:

I have read ALL of Seth’s threads recently,including everything posted so far since the NY TImes story on Papadopoulos broke yesterday.

I am NOT a lawyer.

I would think that statements by Papadopoulos by themselves would be insufficient to support an indictment or an impeachment charge. 

BUT —  we knew after the fact that Papadopoulos took a plea and began cooperating well before that fact became public knowledge. 

IF Mueller has corroborating evidence of any kind, I would see the following people clearly in jeopardy —

Sam Clovis

Don Jr.

Jeff Sessions

Stephen Miller

Jared Kushner

and quite possibly both the President and the VP.

Note also that Richard Burt probably gives evidence at least someone supportive of Papadopoulos, and I would suspect that there may be cross-corroboration between Flynn and Papadopoulos.

And also — we do not know if there are any other indictments/plea deals that we do not yet know about.

Blumenthal is not on Intelligence, but on Judiciary.

It is not clear to me what FACTUAL basis beyond the NY Times story he would have for making this statement.

But I did think it worthy to bring up.


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