By Chris Whitley

Does it matter? The grim future of an Ex-President and the Republican Party that he commands.

Last week, we got the Senate report on a dark day in our history. But, before you get your hopes up. The report is not going to change much.

Our mediocre reality star and ex-president bent all the rules to continue his control of our government. To give him credit he tried to seize power and used his Justice Department to subvert the certification of the votes to cling to power. By the grace of God, there were people including his Vice President that wouldn’t bend to his will. Through the Senates investigation it was uncovered that several people tried to help subvert our free and honest elections and if needed, throw out legally cast ballots for a New Democratic President. This would have been unheard of even four years ago. This is just another cog in the wheel of the failed Republican Party. In this day and age these people know for them to do anything in government. They have to pay homage to the loser of the election. In point of fact, this party went so far as to organize a rally that would turn into the face of a coup attempt by the former President. Now you might ask how was this possible. We have found out their were good people and bad people on both sides of this. And we are learning that this wasn’t just a protest that got out of hand. This was a concerted effort by a group of thugs to take over our country.

Now you might wonder what this all means and probably asking if we are crazy. Well it means Donald Trump tried to overthrow the election and retain power. What we now know is that the Vice President was supposed to take the special ballots that he had for a ceremony that goes back many years in the Senate and say that they were fraudulent and that the only recourse would be to turn the special ballots over to the republican held Senate who would then vote for the new President. Trump being the Republican President in question. This would have been done by some parliamentary maneuvers that are to sickening to list. The only saving grace here being that our Vice President at the time felt that it wasn’t proper as a gentleman to do this and probably against the law. Now Mr. Trump knew that Mr. Pence, our Vice President was going to refuse to do this simple favor. That’s where the coup catches up to the proceedings. The Stop The Steal rally had reached the steps of the halls of Congress and the rioters were desperately trying to gain entrance. On the sidewalk outside, these boys had erected a simple gallows. Now when they had made their way in they were heard to be chanting “Hang Mike Pence” and also “Kill Nancy Pelosi “ the Speaker of the House. Many police officers have died from their injuries and other things related to this horrific incident. Even a rioter was killed while trying to gain entrance to where many of the members of the House had taken refuge. This we all know and have probably discussed with others.

Some things we do know are that since this has happened. Anyone that wants to remain in the Republican Party must kiss the ring of Trump. Now one of the more bizarre things to come out after Mike Pence had to be rushed out of the building by secret service, and literally a few steps had separated Pence from the rioters. Mike Pence recently made the statement at a rally saying that day in January and the peaceful protest that happened. Which shows what power Trump wields. There was a miss communication where it was noted that Mike Pence had been taken out and that Trump thought they meant that the rioters had got him.

Now fast forward to Saturday I believe Trump held a rally in Iowa. Now to me I don’t get this but I still believe in Law And Order. That’s not just the name of a series on TV. It’s what we as Americans live by. In my world someone who had incited a riot where people died and government property was destroyed would at least have some sort of reckoning. No individual is above the law. But back to Trump. As I was saying, Trump held a rally in Iowa to show his fans he was still around. At this rally, Trump went through all the high points and even admitting to some crimes along the way and that he still believes the election was stolen. I seriously doubt he actually does but the politely uneducated people that follow him will believe anything their Demi God tells them they should believe. And as always at these intelligence robbing events trump is never short of guests. Be it some schumck claiming to be the soldier that rescued a baby in Afghanistan on live TV or the occasional politician looking for their leader to lay his hand on them and anointing them for their next election. Now the idiot that was the biggest fish was none other than Chuck Grassley. Now up until this point I had some small part of admiration for old Chuckles. He’s currently the longest serving republican in the senate. He’s like an institution. After the January sixth insurrection he came out against trump and really called him out because that’s just who Chuckles was. I say was because he looked pretty stupid up their getting an endorsement from a failed reality star ex president that was impeached twice. I just don’t get it. I’m sorry. If I was a republican I wouldn’t be following a knucklehead like Trump anywhere.

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