“Does Donald Trump believe his own Cr*p”?

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Remember that Finland is also under threat by Russia, but that may be giving too much credit to Trump, who made a second rant during a presser with Finland’s President, who tells Individual-1: “…you have here a great democracy. Keep it going”

Daniel Dale of CNN does the hard work of having to listen and fact-check in a tweet thread so we don’t have to:

  • Trump, reading material on the US-Finland relationship, stops to ad-lib midway through a prepared sentence about Finland’s participation in NATO activities even though it’s not a member — he says they “save a lot of money” by not being a member.
  • Trump is now boasting about the economy, calling on Finnish companies to continue to invest in the US.
  • Trump says the European Union has not been treating the US right for many years, and he tells them, “and they know it.”
  • The president of Finland says he had some spare time during this trip so he visited a bunch of Washington museums.
  • Finland’s president is pushing back on Trump’s criticism of the US-European relationship: “USA needs also Europe. We know the price of everything. We should recognize also the value of everything.”
  • After talking about his visits to the African American History and Culture museum and National Museum of the American Indian, Finland’s president Niinisto told Trump, “Mr. President, you have a great democracy. Keep it going on.”
  • Niinisto then talks about the danger of black carbon emissions in causing melting sea ice. This is not exactly how foreign leaders usually speak when appearing beside Trump.
  • As often, Trump gives the first question to John Roberts of Fox News. Roberts asks about subpoenas to the White House. “I always cooperate,” Trump says (?), and calls all this a “fraudulent crime on the American people.” He promises to “work together with Shifty Schiff.”
  • Trump accuses Adam Schiff of having a “mental breakdown.” He falsely says that the rough transcript released by the White House was an “exact transcript.” It literally says on the piece of paper that it is not a verbatim transcript.

  • Trump says Schiff’s rendition of his phone call has to be a crime. It very much is not. He also says some people even say it was treason. Those people are not people who understand what treason is.
  • Trump is repeating his false claims about Democrats’ letter to Ukraine, which did not threaten to withdraw US aid.
  • Trump is now attacking the Mueller investigation. “I get three days of peace,” he complains, and now “I hear about the word impeachment. I said, ‘What did I do now?'” He says he learned it was about a “beautiful conversation.”
  • Trump gives Fox’s John Roberts a hard time about asking a second question, tells him to ask a question of the Finnish president, then says it seems like Roberts might have a good question and lets him ask it.
  • “You can ask Putin: nobody’s been tougher on Russia than Donald Trump,” Trump says. He says that, “with that being said,” it’d be good to get along with Russia.
  • Trump implores the president of Finland to pick a “really nice” reporter, then adds that he thinks “they’re all nice in Finland.”
  • The Finnish reporter asks the president of Finland, “What kind of favors has Mr. Trump asked from you?” Trump says, “I think you mean the other way around.”

  • Trump is repeating his usual lie about getting the Veterans Choice program passed. It was signed into law by Obama; Trump signed a modification of the program; Trump has said this more than 100 times now.
  • .@jeffmason1 of Reuters asks if anyone who opposes him is treasonous. Trump says no, only when “they lie.” (Aside from the merits of Trump’s claims about people lying, lying about the president is not treason.)
  • “Believe it or not, I watch my words very carefully,” Trump says. He adds that he is a “stable genius.”
  • Trump says he’s going to bring “a lot of litigation” against “a lot of people,” apparently related to the Mueller investigation. (He has sued a lot of people in his life; he has also threatened a lot of litigation he has never actually initiated.)
  • Trump is attacking the Mueller investigation at great length, saying the same stuff as usual.
  • Asked to specify what he wanted Zelensky to do with regard to Joe and Hunter Biden, Trump says, not answering, “Why are we the only one that give the big money to the Ukraine?” That is not true; European countries have given a whole lot of aid.
  • Trump calls Ukraine a “big, wide, beautiful wall” between Russia and Europe. He claims that all of this was about not wanting to be “the sucker” in providing aid. He doesn’t answer about the Bidens.
  • Mason asks over and over what he wanted Zelensky to do with regard to the Bidens. Trump is pointedly refusing to answer. Eventually, he demands that Mason ask a question to the president of Finland, advising him not to be “rude.”
  • Trump falsely claims that the US didn’t have “wins” at the WTO under previous presidents. He alleges with no evidence that the WTO is now giving the US wins so that he is “happy.”
  • Trump calls the US a great democracy but says it would be better if the media were honest. He concludes by singling out “the CNNs of the world, who are corrupt people,” then walks off.
  • Missed this amid the rapid ranting:

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