Donald Trump has never figured out that cleverness is not a substitute for skill, and bullshitting not a substitute for achievement. He has no skills or achievements, he manipulates and lies instead and calls that success. That said, the MoCA test he “aced” is probably the first time he’s ever passed an exam without cheating in his life and that’s why he prizes it so. Apparently he thought that passing a cognitive impairment test was an accomplishment of some sort, to the extent that he bragged about it — and challenged Joe Biden to take the same test. Wow, what a gauntlet that is to throw down, “count backwards by seven, Joe.” Unfortunately, the doctor who developed the test is raining on Trump’s parade, saying that it’s supposed to be an easy exam, unless you’re  impaired. Market Watch:

While the White House did not release any details of this most recent test, the president did take the MoCA exam in 2018, when he was said to have gotten a perfect score of 30, which has put this particular test in the spotlight. What’s more, during a second Fox News interview aired on Sunday, Chris Wallace told the president that the MoCA is “not the hardest test” and even posted graphics of one of the questions, which asked the test taker to identify drawings of animals. Trump responded by challenging his presumptive Democratic rival Joe Biden to “take a test right now.” What’s more, Trump said that the test questions get harder and that the MoCA exam question that Wallace shared was a “misrepresentation.”

He took it in 2018? We were assuming he took it last November, in 2019, on his midnight run to Walter Reed. Maybe he took it again? Else why would he brag about a test taken over two years ago? Why would he even think of it now?

“This is not an IQ test or the level of how a person is extremely skilled or not,” Nasreddine agreed in a call with MarketWatch. “The test is supposed to help physicians detect early signs of Alzheimer’s, and it became very popular because it was a short test, and very sensitive for early impairment.” […]

Nasreddine explained that each question is related to a different part of the brain. He declined to share a sample test page, as he and his peers are growing increasingly concerned that the test might not be as accurate anymore, because too many elements have been shared online. This allows people to potentially practice the questions to perform better on the exam. In fact, MoCA expressly notes on its website that “it is prohibited to publish the MoCA test and/or instructions and/or a link leading to these in newspaper and magazine articles (including electronic articles).”

Well, everything Trump touches dies, including now the MoCA test, apparently.

Do we even know if Trump drives? Or ever has? If he handles his personal vehicle the way he steers the country, there’s probably a small forest of trees somewhere with cars wrapped around them.

The test very simply is to gauge cognitive decline. But there is a joke here, and that is for somebody to brag, “OMG I actually passed a test without cheating for the first time in my life! I can spot an elephant! I can draw a clock! I’ll bet Joe Biden can’t draw a clock!” is a little extreme. But this is the very stable genius who marked up a weather map with a sharpie and suggested drinking bleach. Once you take it in that context, it all makes sense. Just another day in Trump world. As they used to say on the Outer Limits, “please stand by.”


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  1. Make Trump, and every future President or legislator, take a real IQ test. I’m sick of all these lying morons. I want to be lied to by clever people.

    • I’ll settle for being lied to by people not dumber than paint drying. I’ve played clips from the movie “Dumb and Dumber”, and it’s like a Donald is a long lost cousin, misplaced by a braindead Mother at birth.

  2. I was recently able to observe a nurse give a test to my girlfriend. She had been through some major surgery and we believed that she might be over medicated. As I was very concerned and not a happy camper we managed to get her medication changed. I seen why they have the type of questions they do. And why they want to know if you can answer them. It wasn’t doing me any good that she was having trouble. If trump was having trouble with these questions he is an idiot. As someone that’s been there it’s not a joke!


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