Do more Days/Daze of Disinformation remain as RWNJs float a Bloomberg-Clinton ticket

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This cannot be the government that America deserves in 2020, but there will be a repeat of 2016 if only because Trumpists lack the intelligence even if they had the GOP votes. #VoteBlueNoMatterWho

And an absurd piece of disinformation that strikes multiple audiences got floated by Rupert Murdoch and Matt Drudge.

But minutes after Drudge broke the news, Bloomberg himself posted a coy message about working with female colleagues.

“I would not be where I am today without the talented women around me,” he tweeted. “I’ve depended on their leadership, their advice and their contributions.”

A Bloomberg campaign insider told The Post that the two have long been simpatico – going back to the days when she represented New York in the U.S. Senate and he was Gotham’s mayor.

“I am sure that they polled it, just because you would be dumb not to wonder,” the insider said. “You want to see what a match-up might look like.”

But the pairing is a “net negative” for Bloomberg, a Democratic strategist said.

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3 Comments on "Do more Days/Daze of Disinformation remain as RWNJs float a Bloomberg-Clinton ticket"

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When will this rhetorical propaganda stop, this crap is getting old. Someone speak the truth please


Demons don’t know the meaning of truth or democracy. They do know how to lie and destroy.


barr is very good good at double talk like most lawyers. “ the president has never asked me to do anything In a criminal case.” donnie doesn’t ask. he tells you to do it. he always has to have someone to blame when his schemes and dreams go off the rails. I predict barr will soon be under the bus. donnie’s apostles don’t think it will ever be them. What is the under the bus count to date?