distracting from Trump’s pandemic: he’s patriotic enough to use human trafficking for his 3rd wife


Trumpian reactionary claptrap, scapegoating the 1619 project so your attention is diverted to strength through joy.

“Our youth will be taught to love American with all of their heart and all of their souls,” Trump said

Only human trafficking Trump could be involved in is if say Melania came via Epstein


Trump’s own words plunged him into a controversy about how early he knew about the dangers of the coronavirus and why he didn’t share that with the public. Because he couldn’t disclaim what was on the tapes, he offered as a defense that he didn’t want to panic the public — though as The Post’s Phil Rucker pointed out, the president has repeatedly played on fear as a political weapon.

Throughout his presidency, Trump has been skillful at creating diversions when things go awry. Today, it’s more the case that events are creating distractions from his ability to deliver a consistent and effective campaign message. This is one more example of the reality that, since the beginning of the year, he has seen the advantages of incumbency erode or disappear.


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