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On Friday this week, I slowly became aware of a sense that we might have reached the falling-action side of the story of Putin’s puppet’s assault on us. I think the week’s amazing House hearings have led me to believe it’s possible that we’ve passed the climax of our nightmare. Does anyone else sense that?

Yesterday, the article, “This Twilight Zone Episode is Lasting WAY Too Long: Saturday’s Good News’described 14 whodunit suspects who have the potential to take down the popular-vote loser:

  • Suspect #1: The Democrats in the House
  • Suspect #2: Trump… by boxing himself into a corner with this wall, racist BS
  • Suspect #3: Mueller
  • Suspect #4: The Investigation into trump’s Inaugural Committee (which appears to be shady AF)
  • Suspect #5: Federal prosecutors in NY who are investigating the Trump Org
  • Suspect #7: The campaign finance investigation
  • Suspect #8: The Senate Intel Committee
  • Suspect #9: Shady links between trump and other countries
  • Suspect #10: Obstruction of justice by Trump
  • Suspect #11: Trump’s tax returns
  • Suspect #12: New evidence of illegal hiring by Trump
  • Suspect #13: Trump’s approval is in the tank. May be unelectable even if makes it to November 2020
  • Suspect #14: Trump’s Pecker Problem

Who Won the Week?

There was lots of good news to choose from:

  • The Idaho Supreme Court, for ruling the voter-approved expansion of Medicaid is constitutional, so all the right wingers can just shut their pie holes and expand it
  • The House Judiciary Committee, now led by Democrats, for holding the first hearing on gun violence since 2011, and then hurling rhetorical lightning bolts at acting AG Matt Whitaker
  • New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham (D), for withdrawing most of the National Guard troops deployed at the Mexican border, an appropriate rebuke to Trump’s racist border crisis hoax
  • The D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals, for overturning FCC chairman Ajit Pai’s attempt to take broadband subsidies (the Lifeline program) away from tribal residents
  • House Intelligence Committee chairman Adam Schiff, for announcing a massive, 5-prong investigation into the Trump crime family and its enablers in the Republican party and Russia
  • Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: introduces (w/ Sen. Ed Markey) landmark Green New Deal outline, and the film documenting her ’18 campaign (‘Knock Down the House’) wins the Festival Favorite Award at Sundance
  • The SOTU heroines: the Democratic “women in white,” Nancy Pelosi for her masterful shame-clap, and Stacey Abrams for her universally-praised response that resonated long after Trump’s speech was forgotten
  • Candice Payne, who, with her husband and some friends, bought hotel rooms and transported over 100 homeless people to them during the deep freeze when Chicago was colder than Antarctica
  • Gay, autistic World War II codebreaker and computer genius Alan Turing, who won the most votes during a live broadcast of the BBC’s “Icons: The Greatest Person of the 20th Century”
  • Joshua Trump, the kid invited to the State of the Union by the president, who promptly led the nation in falling asleep during it

Spoiler Alert! … top 3 items … The Democratic “women in white,” Nancy Pelosi, and Stacey Abrams 24%; Adam Schiff & Co announced a 5-prong investigation into the Trump crime family 21%; Candice Payne and others rescued 100 Chicago homeless people 16%.


White Americans increasingly see racism as a major problem

Democrats have long viewed racism as a bigger problem than Republicans, but there used to be a smaller gap between the two parties. In 2017, Pew Research Center found that Democrats were twice as likely as Republicans to view racism as a “big problem”: 76 percent of Democrats and Democratic leaners vs. just 37 percent of Republicans and Republican leaners.

Chart, Democrats express more concern about racism (from

The Congressional Black Caucus Outlines Its Plans Of Action 

The chairwoman of the Congressional Black Caucus is confident that with a Democratic House majority, nine new caucus members, one caucus member serving as the majority whip, another as the Democratic Caucus chair and five others serving as House committee chairs, the Black community has a “tremendous amount to gain” during the 116th Congress.

Five CBC members chair the House Committees on Financial Services; Oversight and Reform; Science, Space and Technology; Education and Labor; and Homeland Security. The members also happen to be among the Democratic firebrands.


  • Indivisible: Urge your MoC to co-sponsor and support H.R. 1:  “H.R. 1 could activate voters who have too often been marginalized, and it could unlock the unique opportunity to make good on our promise of democracy.” Use our resource to tell your member of Congress to co-sponsor H.R. 1 and make our democracy work for the people:
  • NeedtoImpeach provides stamped postcards, suggested comments. Handwrite the addresses and messages.
  • Postcards To Voters are friendly handwritten reminders from volunteers to targeted voters giving Democrats a winning edge in close, key races coast to coast.

The Five R’s of the Resistance

  • Resist: Protest on the streets, call senators and representatives, etc.
  • Rebel: Run for office, GOTV (Get Out The Vote), support a progressive.
  • Revolt: Change the laws, change the culture, build your communities.
  • Rely: Trust that millions of others are fighting the good fight.
  • Rest: Take care of yourself, we are in this for the long term.

Power with, not power over


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  1. Start with his enablers, ala John Gotti’s underboss Sammy ‘the Bull’ Gravano, Mitch McConnell, Lindsay Graham, Devin Nunes, and the bottom will fall out and he will come crashing down from the weight of his crimes and misdeeds.


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