Did Trump offer Cohen a Pardon? Allegedly so

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Remember those closed-doors Hearings Michael Cohen had with Congress this week?  Well, this allegedly was one of the hot topics discussed: Trump’s illegal Pardon offer to get Cohen to keep his mouth shut.

AKA.  Quid Pro Quo.  AKA.  Suborning Perjury.  AKA. Obstruction of Justice.

Lawmakers exploring possible pardon talks involving Michael Cohen

by Matt Zapotosky, Tom Hamburger, and Karoun Demirjian, Washington Post — March 2, 2019


Cohen has said publicly he never asked for — and would not accept — a pardon from Trump. But people familiar with the matter said his knowledge on the topic seems to extend beyond that statement.

Privately, lawmakers on the House and Senate intelligence committees pressed Cohen this week on whether he had had any discussions about a possible pardon, and if so, when and with whom those conversations took place, the people said. The people spoke on the condition of anonymity because the testimony was not public.

Cohen’s lawyer, Lanny Davis, declined to comment on the closed-door testimony, though he said on MSNBC on Thursday night that “new information was developed that could be game changing,” and it was about “lying and obstruction evidence.”

It’s pretty explosive,” he said.  If Cohen has Tapes of this — then it’s Game Over!

But then again who can not imagine Trump making this Pardon offer, to save his own skin?  Perhaps Manafort was given a similar offer?  Perhaps Rick Gates?  Perhaps Mike Flynn?

Will this blatant Obstruction and Abuse of Power show up in the Mueller Report?

Will the House compel Mueller to disclose these details, when Bill Barr buries them from public view?

Who can not imagine Trump making these Pardon deals?

Who has forgotten all the glowing things Trump has said about Manafort?

Who can forget all the Mob-boss things Trump said about Cohen?

Crazy thought:  The only difference between these former Trump Loyalists:   One took the Pardon deal, and one did not.

DJT must have stayed up late one night and listen to the Books on Tape version of The Memoirs of Richard Nixon, eh?  If he did, it probably won’t prevent him from meeting the same Nixon fate … will it?


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Lone Wolf
Lone Wolf

I said all along, do not trust this guy Cohen, not yet…no matter what he says.