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Gage Skidmore / Flickr

Well, look at that. First Donald Trump shuts down the government, and now:

Lawyers for President Donald Trump are invoking the government shutdown to seek a delay in a court case over claims that Trump is illegally profiting from business his Washington hotel does with foreign countries.

It’s difficult to fathom the twisted mind of Donald Trump, and there has been a lot of speculation about his decision to cause a partial government shutdown: Was it because he’s too stupid to understand how Congress works and that both houses have to pass a bill before it can become law? Absolutely. Did he make his decision after binge-watching right-wing media? Very possible. Or was it as simple as a grifter seeing an opportunity to personally benefit from a situation? It now seems likely. And as we already know, Trump is not adverse to a little—or a lot—of obstruction of justice.

The most likely scenario is that it’s a combination of all three: he’s stupid, he’s weak, and he’s a crook. The only thing we know for sure is that his actions, again, are causing a lot of people a lot of pain.

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