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Back in August, the Betsy DeVos-led Department of Education announced that the nation’s schools should be able to buy guns using federal grant money. This was not, despite DeVos’ earlier contributions to our national discourse on the subject, so that schools could ward off marauding bears; it was so school officers could be provided guns to shoot at human school intruders, part of the endless demands by the National Rifle Association and other proto-militia groups to introduce guns into every aspect of American society under the general banner of “let he who has the most bullets win.”

It’s not clear yet whether this decision is even legal, but whether it is or it isn’t the American Federation of Teachers, the Giffords Law Center, and the SPLC are now suing the Department of Education to force DeVos to reveal whether the NRA or other gun groups worked with the Department of Education to come to that rather creative decision.

“The information sought by Plaintiffs’ FOIA requests, which will shed light on whether lobbyists associated with the firearms industry or gun-lobby groups including the National Rifle Association were involved in the Department’s decision and reveal communications between the Department and states or local school districts and within the Department concerning the use of these funds to arm teachers, is plainly of great public importance,” says the lawsuit.

Schools can’t afford textbooks, notebook paper, or other basic supplies, but by God, we’re going to make sure teachers can properly kill someone who needs killing. That’s where we are these days.

Don’t even know what to say about this one, America. Eventually, we’re going to find out if the Department of Education was working directly with the National Rifle Association on this new plan to provide guns to schools or if DeVos and the rest of the Trump grifters did it on their own. Which of those two possibilities is worse?


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