Did Anybody See Trump say On Fox News That Biden’s ‘Gonna Win Because Some People Don’t Love Me?’

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Trump was on Hannity’s town hall in Wisconsin and he predicted that Joe Biden would win the election.

And it went downhill from there, if you can believe it. Hannity asked him a softball question about his priorities for his second term and he replied with this gibberish.

If you answered a job interview question like that, you would never hear from the employer again. But there was an even weirder point in this interview.

Hannity cut this off in under ten seconds. This was embarrassing. I can only imagine what’s going on over at the RNC or God forbid, at Trump campaign headquarters.

It was more like a therapy session between Trump and Hannity than any kind of a town hall 131 days before a presidential election. If you missed it, you might want to check out Aaron Rupar’s thread, just to see how batshit crazy it was.

What does Trump have to do before somebody invokes the 25th Amendment? Walk down Pennsylvania Avenue naked and tweeting?

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Saying the quiet part out loud.

I commented from the beginning he didn’t want to be president. Now it surely appears he doesn’t. He is doing the stupidest things and saying idiotic things even for him. However, when he loses he will Scream, holler and cry that he has been cheated and he really won he already has started. God knows what illegal voting tricks the republicans are going to do. I believe federal marshals will have to escort him out and take him directly to the sixth floor at Bethesda while he waits for his trials and appointment to jail. The rest of the Scum… Read more »
Dick Panico
Dick Panico

For once he’s correct. Most people
don’t love Trump !
In fact , most people HATE TRUMP with good CAUSE!
Indisputable facts , are the United State’s
has about 4 percent of the world’s population,
and we have 25 percent of the worlds deaths because
of the Coronavirus.
This is Trumps fault .
So , most do hate him because he’s thrashing
our Democracy .
And that’s unforgivable in my book !