Did an ex-military contractor throw IEDs at Portland protesters

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Like the DHS and DoJ contractors deployed with the miscellaneous tactical units, a variety of former military are formally and informally at play during the Portland protests. In this case, a rogue element was pursued by citizen activists because these “contractors” were trying to escalate peaceful protests. The Military Industrial Complex has dregs as well as opportunists (drumpfJugend und Freikorps).


More information has come to light about the domestic terrorist bomber known as Former Navy SEAL Louis Garrick Fernbaugh, referenced as “Garrick”.



An article by @_jlevinson & @MrOlmos

Former Business Partner and Ex-Fiance Shannon Monihan confirmed that Garrick was in the footage captured by @_WhatRiot on August 8th. She wants nothing to do with him.

Further confirmed to us by other family members, they too confirmed Garrick was in the same footage captured by @_WhatRiot. They further described Garrick as “[he] isn’t the most self controlled person”.
On Garrick’s social media, Garrick talks in favor of a lot of right-wing ideologies and even shares WW2 Nazi propaganda and direct threats of violence.

Garrick also left a comment on a LinkedIn article, citing he had infiltrated Antifa and was going to throw on his uniform and give a hand in restoring law and order.

Garrick’s career started in the U.S. Navy when he joined the SEALS in 1988 and retired in 2008, he spent many years in service as a BUD/s instructor.


After leaving the Navy in 2008, Garrick joined “SOC LLC”, a government contracting company that works with a range of military branches and government entities including Homeland Security.



He left SOC in 2015 to start a company with his ex-fiance Shannon, “Red Frog Team” which would become a tactical training service for military, law enforcement and civilians.

Garrick left the company in the Winter of 2019 due to separation with his business partner/fiance.


It is unclear why Shannon left but, one family member reported that he wasn’t a good person and the family just wanted to stay away from the estranged man.

His ex-wife separated with Garrick in 2013 due to Domestic Violence.

In March 2020, Garrick registered a business to his home address in Tigard, OR through the Wyoming Secretary of State as “High Value Target, INC”.

Following his obsession of hating Antifa, Garrick would go to sell “PDXAntifa” shooting targets.



In the early morning of August 8th, a person with NVGs was spotted by multiple people running through the woods of Laurelhurst park throwing explosives.

Demonstrators and live streamers were combing the area of the park looking for the bomber and that is when the IDing footage by @_WhatRiot was captured.

The footage was captured 0.4 mile walk from the bombing.


We have had multiple people reach out to us with reports about Garrick prowling the protest vicinity, nearly an hour before the initial bombing.
One common group of organizers detailed that Garrick came up to their cart, took photos as if he was “evaluating targets”.

It is very clear that this terrorist had a motive to kill and had been thinking about it for some time. His own family has called him estranged and cited his lack of self-control.

Despite all the evidence, we haven’t seen clear action from the @PortlandPolice. This is why we are abolitionist, because even our own “community” police force has lacked investigating and arresting an actual fucking terrorist bomber.

Louis Garrick Fernbaugh is still on the loose and is considered highly armed and dangerous.




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By identifying antifa — the loose confederation of “progressives” committed to anti-fascist counter-activism — as the source of mayhem, Trump can distract the public from his bungling of the U.S. response to covid-19. And he can use any chaos to boost his flagging prospects in November by portraying himself as a law-and-order president. One need only examine Richard Nixon’s campaign in ’68 for an example of the latter.

This is not what effective White allyship looks like.


Over this span of our history, Black political theorists, from Frederick Douglass to Stokely Carmichael (Kwame Ture) and beyond, have considered — and often disagreed about — the proper role of White supporters. But there was consensus on the key point: The Black community must unambiguously take the lead in its liberation. Agency is essential. Otherwise, claims to post-liberation autonomy — of any kind — may be called into question.

That’s true of this moment as well. It scarcely matters that many of Trump’s claims about the protests are not credible. The point is that White people have been enabling Trump’s strategy by drawing the spotlight away from the real issues. They have allowed themselves to be used to justify the presence of federal law enforcement, and can be blamed for any conflict that ensues.

Absent the provocations of antifa and others, Black and brown activists could avail themselves of the playbook adopted by their forebears in the face of government violence. When Black nonviolence was met by redneck hostility in the South in the early ’60s, the result was the ratification of the most significant civil rights legislation since the Civil Rights Act of 1875: the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

No one wants a repeat of such attacks. But with today’s demand for change centered on Black resolve, genuine systemic reforms — including reparations — could be achievable. Such a movement would go a long way toward at last moving America away from the Herrenvolk democracy it’s been from the beginning — one in which real democracy is restricted to those identifying as White.


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