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The US Attorney for Oregon has already begun his own investigation on the Federal “officials” storming into Portland, Oregon, illegally detaining American citizens.

U.S. Attorney Billy J. Williams on Friday called for an investigation into reports that unidentified federal agents donning camouflage fatigues and masks have been arresting protesters in Portland.

“Based on news accounts circulating that allege federal law enforcement detained two protestors without probable cause, I have requested the Department of Homeland Security Office of the Inspector General to open a separate investigation directed specifically at the actions of DHS personnel,” Williams wrote in a statement obtained by the ABC-affiliated television station, KATU News.

But beware the coverup, because Williams is blaming it all on Antifa.

“It is being directed,” he said in the interview.

Williams, a longtime federal prosecutor in Oregon and a Trump appointee, said he based his statement on “intelligence that I cannot share.”

“There are organizations who are hellbent on causing problems across the United States – antifa being one of them,” he said. “There are others. People need to wake up to this.”

Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum has filed a lawsuit

The Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum filed a lawsuit against the Department of Homeland Security on July 17, accusing the department of violating constitutional rights by conducting unlawful detainment of Black Lives Matter protestors, NBC News reported.

And from Oregon’s governor:

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown Says President Trump Is Invading Portland as an Election Stunt

Her comments come in the same hour that acting Secretary of Homeland Security Chad Wolf landed in Portland.

By Aaron Mesh | Published July 16 at 2:39 PM

As top federal law enforcement officials arrived in Oregon on Thursday, Gov. Kate Brown accused President Donald Trump of deploying federal officers to Portland to crack down on protesters as a way to boost his flailing reelection prospects.

In an uncharacteristically harsh statement, Brown responded to Trump’s deployment of federal officers to quell Portland’s protests against police violence. Those officers sent one demonstrator to the hospital July 11 with a munition to the face.

“This political theater from President Trump has nothing to do with public safety,” Brown said. “The president is failing to lead this nation. Now he is deploying federal officers to patrol the streets of Portland in a blatant abuse of power by the federal government.”

And now, the OFFICIAL statement of Chad Wolf, from the DHS web-site

Translated from the original German.

The city of Portland has been under siege for 47 straight days by a violent mob while local political leaders refuse to restore order to protect their city. Each night, lawless anarchists destroy and desecrate property, including the federal courthouse, and attack the brave law enforcement officers protecting it.

“A federal courthouse is a symbol of justice – to attack it is to attack America. Instead of addressing violent criminals in their communities, local and state leaders are instead focusing on placing blame on law enforcement and requesting fewer officers in their community. This failed response has only emboldened the violent mob as it escalates violence day after day.

“This siege can end if state and local officials decide to take appropriate action instead of refusing to enforce the law. DHS will not abdicate its solemn duty to protect federal facilities and those within them.

Again, I reiterate the Department’s offer to assist local and state leaders to bring an end to the violence perpetuated by anarchists,” said Acting Secretary Chad Wolf

“Offer to assist” = Federal troops invading an American city without invitation or warning, and without even identification.

He even said,  “I offered @DHSgov support to help locally address the situation that’s going on in Portland, and their only response was: please pack up and go home. That’s just not going to happen on my watch.”

But there is a backlash.  Even strong words from Madame Speaker.

Acting Secretary of Homeland Security faces criticism for his handling of the protests in Portland, Oregon.

TEXAS Representative Veronica Escobar said Wolf’s interview showed “extraordinary vanity and arrogance” and asked him to resign.

1. Wolf Is Being Criticized for The Deployment of Federal Agents to Portland

The Department of Homeland Security, led by Wolf, has been questioned about the legitimacy of its actions in Portland.

After President Trump signed an executive order to protect monuments on June 26, the Department of Homeland Security formed “rapid deployment teams,” according to the New York Times.

However, the arrival of federal agents and their handling of the protests have sparked criticism.

The Hill reported that federal officers without insignia used unmarked vehicles to arrest protestors abruptly, while an internal memo prepared for Wolf warned that the officers deployed to Portland lacked proper training, according to the New York Times.

The Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum filed a lawsuit against the Department of Homeland Security on July 17, accusing the department of violating constitutional rights by conducting unlawful detainment of Black Lives Matter protestors, NBC News reported.

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler condemned the actions of federal officers and demanded the removal of them, while Oregon Governor Kate Brown said the federal law enforcement was “adding gasoline to a fire,” according to NPR.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said on Twitter that the actions of the Department of Homeland Security in Portland “undermine its mission.”

She also described the federal agents in Portland as “unidentified stormtroopers” and said they “kidnapped protestors.”

He refused to remove federal law enforcement from Portland, according to Newsweek.

Previously, he also denied that there were systemic racism problems within law enforcement in the country, ABC News reported.

2. Wolf Was ‘an Early Architect’ of The Family Separation Policy

Wolf was reported to be behind the family separation policy.

Having lobbied for the National Association of Software and Service Companies, a group in favor of the H1-B visa, Wolf was considered by some to be less hard-line on immigration than the president, according to Politico. However, NBC News reported that Wolf was behind the migrant family separation policy.

While he was working as the Chief of Staff under then-secretary Kirsten Nielsen in December 2017, he outlined 16 options to crack down on undocumented immigrants and sent them to a counselor of then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions, according to emails obtained by NBC News.

Announce that DHS is considering separating family units, placing the adults in detention and placing minors under the age of 18 in the custody of HHS as unaccompanied alien children.

One of the options, Wolf wrote, was to “separate family units,” whose details were later put into practice in May and June in 2018, according to NBC News.

Restore Public Trust, a watchdog group, said that Wolf’s schedule suggested that he participated in meetings and phone calls that discussed the family separation policy. The group also asked a Senate committee to refer Wolf to be investigated for making false claims about his role in this policy in November 2019.

3. Wolf Went to College on a Tennis Scholarship


But why Oregon?

I find it very interesting that both of Oregon’s top political officials are women.

Remember Trump’s attack on Michigan, early in the pandemic?

Also……………….all women.

Oregon Governor:  Kate Brown

Oregon Attorney General:  Ellen Rosenblum

Oregon Secretary of State:  Bev Clarno

Trump’s niece Mary stated in her book that Donald was always a bully.  And that he always, without exception, picked on girls, and on smaller/younger boys.

Someone smart recently said, “Trump punches down, and kisses up”

If there is any doubt left in anyone’s mind why this is happening, allow me to spell it out for you, the intentions of Trumps actions for the next ½ year:

  1. Fear
  2. Intimidation
  3. Voter suppression
  4. And if all that fails……ultimately the incitement of civil war

This whole stunt was aimed at FoxNews viewers.  Wolf was guest on Hannity’s show, the evening of the invasion.  Wolf made several other appearances on Fox.  Trump is trying to get “his people” out in the streets to start a war with “anarchists.”

Fortunately, 99.9% of “his people” are lazy cowards.

Donald Trump knows he’s finished electorally

Donald Trump knows his best protection from legal harm is to remain President for four more years

Donald Trump was raised by a sociopathic father, who beat into him the unacceptability of losing

It’s going to be a very long six months

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  1. There appears to be no stopping this Theofascist monster from doing whatever he wants to do, ignoring career government officials, history, and the Constitution. Congress is supposed to protect us from enemies foreign and domestic, such as Donald J. Trump!

  2. He is actually sending verbal dog whistles to his boogaloo boys to attack cops in peaceful protests. It seems when the cops strike back, it is always against peaceful African – American female protesters. In Chicago, the cops have just refused to work, again trying to strong arm taxpayers by ushering in violence. Cops are seen either just watching boogaloo boys looting stores or defacing statues or gassing, beating or shooting at peaceful protesters. Trump’s America is the end of America if this continues.


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