Devin Nunes’s Cow takes Devin to the milking parlor

Devin Nunes is biding his time until he winds up in the barrel for obstruction.  Yet Nunes decided he’d tweet approval of yet another RW screed from National Review essentially repeating ad nauseam the “no collusion” meme complete with multiple logical fallacies.

Devin’s Cow decided to tell him off.

  • You agreed that if Russia was involved, you’d say so “I’ll be the first one to come out and point at Russia if there’s clear evidence, but there is no clear evidence—even now.”
  • You admitted that you didn’t read the evidence before you wrote a now debunked memo. You’re playing politics, badly, and ignoring America being attacked by an enemy
  • You signed subpoenas and didn’t tell your colleagues. They care to nothing because your investigation was only a stunt to divert attention from a foreign country trying to harm America
  • You admitted your work was fake oversight at a fundraiser when you were recorded. It’s on tape. Your goal wasn’t to help America. Your goal was to help the Trump administration obstruct justice
  • You aren’t good at this. Your ridiculous attempt to subpoena Fusion, which yielded no evidence of your fake conspiracies, is actually going to help the House do real oversight.
  • So before you start whining again, and suing people you wrongly think are working together or foreign agents or wealthy Democrats, consider this: regular everyday people are #TheMoovement. We don’t know each other, aren’t part of a campaign, aren’t rich or foreign actors.
  • We are Americans. We are everywhere. We are acting according to our values and consciences. We act based on fact and truth, not conspiracy theories lacking evidence. America was already great. We are taking her back. See you in court 🐮

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