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Hey, Alt-Right fake news sites no longer require paying some scruffy, chain-smoking 23 year-old Russian

The Devin Nunes’ campaign, and thus Devin personally, has his very own website. Of course, it does. Why would it not? Cutting edge American Alt-Right politics relies heavily on the more modern approach to dealing with reality. If Devin doesn’t like reality as reported by real news sites, he’ll establish his own alternative reality, through alternative facts, as reported by his alternative news site. His site is surely “more reliable” to his voters because his voters aren’t interested in reality if it hurts.

In a great Politico report, they break down the mechanics:

Resembling a local, conservative news site, “The California Republican” is classified on Facebook as a “media/news company” and claims to deliver “the best of US, California, and Central Valley news, sports, and analysis.

But the website is paid for by Nunes’ campaign committee, according to small print at the bottom of the site. Leading the home page most recently: a photograph of Nunes over the headline, “Understanding the process behind #ReleaseTheMemo.”

Hey, at least it notes something about the relationship in small print. Of course, at least for now, the law requiring such disclaimers still has a quaint impact on the approach to propaganda. We should not fool ourselves into believing that the law itself will still wield sufficient influence into the near future. Regardless, the small print likely doesn’t get read by any more than ten percent of his voters? At most?

Really, though, that’s not even the most devastating point. Propaganda’s ruinous impact comes about when the people reading his site, exclusively Californian conservatives, no longer care whether the campaign “pays” for such news. They will have convinced themselves (if not already) that the real news is so polluted against “them” (including Nunes) that Republicans have no choice but to state their own “truth.” Such alternative facts, then become equally legitimate for consideration with a softer-psyche.

In establishing a “free press” in the very first of ten amendments, our founders counted upon people with sufficient reason so as to recognize legitimate versus illegitimate press. That’s the test our country faces.

The Republican propaganda machine started-up long ago with Fox, and the process evolved over time. Fox News, in its infancy, couldn’t have gotten away with the skewed news it puts out now in its infancy. No, it took time, every year drifting away from any objectivity, to get to a point where objectivity is no longer even expected. The horrific truth is that the Alt-Right mind is no longer capable of believing negative news associated with the Trumpette movement.

Speaking of which, Trump’s tweets function as propaganda, too (Trump’s too lazy to write stories beyond 140 characters). His “direct communication” to the voters affords the ability to skip over fact-checking done by real news sources.Trump also benefits from 200 some odd years of much more careful presidents who cared (some deeply) about rigidly fact-checking every single word issued by the White House, back when ‘the White House” had some gravitas to it.

Charlie Sykes, of all people, the arch-conservative, but also arch-Anti Trump and Fox radio commentator (proving that just because one is conservative does not mean one cannot see the truth, only Alt-Right Trump supporters truly cannot understand), Charlie set out the Republican strategy with respect to propaganda and fake news as:

“The conservative media has done a really great job of convincing conservatives that they’re under siege,” he told me. As a result, “the conservative media has become a safe space for people who want to be told that they don’t have to believe anything that’s uncomfortable or negative.”

There you have it.

Absolutely devastating facts surely exist out there that will (or would) seal ole’ Devin’s fate, were he not able to give his voters something to comfort themselves, that safe space, to avoid all that negative stuff, “negative stuff” that in the real world amounts to a fascist takeover, felonies, perhaps paid-off to act on behalf of the Russians.

Nunes has his answer at the ready. We have yet to see whether the country itself is up to the challenge.

Oh, one more question. Even if the Alt-Right understood that the facts establish a loyalty to Russia, but discern that the collusion was to beat democrats, would they care at all how the Alt-Right “beat the Democrats?” Or would the Alt-Right voter prefer to collude with Russians than lose to Democrats.

The answer encompasses the existential challenge to our nation’s future existence.

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