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How in the world did this guy get back in charge of the House Intelligence Committee, after recusing himself earlier this year in disgrace?

I must have been out on hike, the day that “re-instatement vote” happened …

In any event, this may not end well for Nunes, if he continues with his ‘Trump cover-story’ ways.

AM Joy panel: Devin Nunes facing obstruction indictment for using his House intel position to derail Mueller

by Bob Brigham, — Jan 6, 2018


“How is it that he [Devin Nunes] now gets access to all of these documents with which he can pursue his investigation of Fusion GPS?” host Joy Reid asked.


“How is it possible that somebody like Devin Nunes is allowed to see whatever intelligence he wants, whatever backup information he wants, and use that to persecute a former British spy who is on our side?” Reid asked.

“If he were to use that intelligence — any information — to carry out a witch hunt or to carry out any type of investigation with the specific intent to block or obstruct justice in the Mueller investigation, that could expose Devin Nunes to obstruction of justice charges himself,” explained intelligence expert Malcolm Nance.

“He could be a key indicted or unindicted co-conspirator if it turns out that he is he’s using his position…to thwart a national counterintelligence investigation and to stop the Justice Department from doing their job,” Nance predicted.


Reasons why Devin Nunes should have stayed “recused” from the House Russia Investigation:

 • Devin Nunes was on Trump’s Transition Team.

 • Devin Nunes field calls from Foreign Leaders trying to reach Michael Flynn.

 • Devin Nunes has briefed Trump Campaign on Intelligence Matters.


Those reasons haven’t change — so why has Devin’s Recusal been retro-actively revoked?

Inquiring Voters should want to know …

Because with their ongoing smear campaign, the GOP simply assumes that being “hampered by personal bias” is only something that Democrats, FBI Investigators, and anyone on Robert Mueller’s Team, can be ‘guilty of’ … and for the most part the Media lets them assert this blanket assumption, unchallenged.

Because of course “as everybody knows” — with Republicans, their intent is always “as pure as the driven snow” — after six weeks of de-icer treatments and freeze-thaw slush cycles.

WHAT could possible go wrong … with I-must-warn-the-President Nunes, back in charge of the Russia Interference Investigation?

It’s not like Devin hasn’t demonstrated his clear Trump-Loyalty-Oath-Bias anytime before, is it?


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