Until the last couple of weeks, few people had any reason to run into the name Devin Nunes. Nunes’ storied political career consists of being appointed a state agriculture commissioner by George W. Bush, then moving from there to California’s newly created Republican-heavy 22nd District. That’s it. His major attachment is to big agriculture, where he never met a pesticide he didn’t like. He wrote a book claiming that environmentalists are “Maoists.” He’s also an unabashed climate change denier who says “global warming is nonsense” and drought is a manufactured crisis. He annually tries to pass legislation requiring more water to be diverted to big farms. It never passes.

Because Republicans are so serious about terrorism, it only makes sense that this inexperienced ag-major who thinks environmentalists are the greatest threat, should be heading up the House Intelligence Committee. And even there he managed to remain mostly invisible until the last few weeks, when Americans in great numbers have looked toward Devin Nunes with the unified thought of … WTF?

The chairman of the House Intelligence Committee was on his way to an event in Washington late Tuesday when the evening’s plans abruptly changed. After taking a brief phone call, Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) swapped cars and slipped away from his staff, congressional officials said. He appears to have used that unaccounted-for stretch of time to review classified intelligence files brought to his attention by sources he has said he will not name.

Nunes receives a phone call, hops out of an Uber at a stoplight, and disappears for hours. He next shows up in Paul Ryan’s office, spewing a tale of intelligence connections that may lead to Trump. After talking to Ryan, Nunes scurries off to inform Trump that Trump is in the FBI’s cross-hairs. Then, after doing his best to wreck any possible investigation underway, Nunes holds a press conference. Nowhere in this mess does he consider briefing the other members of the intelligence committee or that he’s revealing confidential information about an ongoing investigation. Hey, it’s not as if it involved something serious. Like PETA.

Who called Nunes? What did they tell him? Where did he go before meeting Ryan? And, seriously, WTF?

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