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Twitter cow suer Rep. Devin Nunes is the ranking Republican member on the House Intelligence Committee. This means he got to make the opening statement for the Trump-bootlicking contingent in our government in today’s public impeachment inquiry. The statement was bananas, filled with lies and misinformation, and the kind of legal defense only seen in preschool schoolyards. Nunes’ ludicrous and craven attempts to sidetrack the impeachment hearings have not gone unnoticed by the American public. Nunes’ name has begun to trend on Twitter, as both serious and not-so-serious responses to his behavior mount.

Let’s go and enjoy the full gamut of reactions to watching an elected official who has turned into a complete stooge for corruption embarrass himself, his family, his political party, and his country.

Here’s a legal reason why Nunes finds himself so far out to sea right now.

And then let’s have some levity.

And a reality check.

Is Nunes a mouthpiece for others? Sure—a barely articulate one.

Here’s a brief analysis of what Nunes might be trying to accomplish.

And here’s an observation.

And this is a single example of how many showers have probably been taken after Nunes speaks.

But let’s bring some more levity to the scourge of democracy that is Devin Nunes.


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  1. He should have his mouth washed out with Purell, someone has to go back and sanitize the room with all that BS that spewed out of his
    methane blow hole. Moooonez should gather up his cow and start riding it back to his postage stamp sized farm because he lost what credibility he had left

  2. Nunes is an embarrassment to the republicans. They should tell him to go home. But I hear that would be bad because people in his district are looking for him.


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