Devastating News for Trump in New Poll


It is a terribly awful fact that the presidency in this nation (and the senate) is controlled by the electoral college dynamic which washes out overwhelming blue majorities in states like California, New York, Illinois and the like. Thus, we’re forced to pay less attention to Trump’s overall approval ratings than to the ratings he has in certain states that decide the presidency. It just “is,” at least for now.

But today we have good news. Trump is leaking water, big, in those purple states. According to a Morning Consult Poll taken yesterday, Trump remains badly “underwater” in those Midwest states that led him to victory in 2016.

Among 14 key states to watch next year, Trump’s net approval is above water only in Texas (49 percent approve, 46 percent disapprove), and is statistically tied in Florida (49 percent approve, 48 percent disapprove). It is in the red in all the others, with his worst marks coming in New Hampshire and the hotly contested states of Minnesota, Michigan and Wisconsin in the upper Midwest.

Praise Jesus. The real Jesus, the one that only lost his shit one time and went on an ass-kicking tear at the temple, among the “holiest” and loudest.

Anyway, consider this:

The president’s net approval has fallen in Georgia, Michigan and Wisconsin amid the impeachment investigation, while it improved in Nevada and New Hampshire. In the other key states, there was no significant change.

I will trade “Georgia, Michigan, and Wisconsin” all day long for New Hampshire and Nevada. No change in other “key states” is okay, not perfect, but “okay” since he was already underwater in them. Fact is, Trump is behind big and not moving up.

The other thing, note that the poll even considered Texas as a purple battleground state. True, Trump is still out in front by a nose there, but the fact that it’s close is huge. If Trump is behind in Wisconsin, Michigan, Iowa, and Ohio, and he is, then he’s in real trouble, and so are the senators from those states.

I figured you needed some good news. Don’t we all?

The man needs to be voted out, and signs are pointing in the right direction.


Peace, y’all

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With all of this ghouliani crap that’s being plastered on front page news that’s not helping his case at all. The electoral system has to go. It worked well a hundred years ago but now it’s archaic. I don’t think that the people who implemented it planned for the population to expand the way it did, so now it’s not necessary


I can’t help but to apply the same analogy about the “right to bear arms” written in the late 18th century under candle light. ..It worked well a hundred years ago, but now it’s archaic. Does anyone really think the people who implemented those words in the 2nd amendment thought that school kids could bring rapid fire assault weopons to show & tell & massacre their class mates.. frequently ?
Perhaps a better amendment could read, “The rights of our children not to be slaughtered at school shall not be infringed”

chris whitley
chris whitley

Yes we have proper communication now. Before that electoral college worked because it was impossible to get votes counted and to Washington. Now we have computers. But there’s the problem. Other people with computers can hack our computers. And gosh darn. All that hacking benefits republicans. You tell them that they can’t have Russia’s help while complaining of voter fraud by Democrats.