Despite Trump’s border wall obsession, Americans trust Democrats more on border security

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By nearly double digits, Americans trust Democrats in Congress more to handle border security than they do Donald Trump, 50-41 percent. A new Quinnipiac poll released Tuesday showed a slight uptick in support for Democrats on the matter since a survey the outlet released two weeks ago showing voters favored Democrats over Trump 49-44 percent.

Whether voters trust Democrats more in spite of Trump’s border wall obsession or because of it is an open question. But last November, a Washington Post-ABC poll showed voters preferring Republicans over Democrats on issues of border security 49-39 percent.

So yeah, Trump may have singlehandedly flipped the dynamic for the GOP, or at least that idea amuses me.

The vast majority of voters also continue to prefer funding border security without including any money for the wall by 61-33 percent. Those numbers remain pretty close to unchanged in the last couple Quinnipiac polls.

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Lone Wolf
Lone Wolf

This is the headline from a New York Times story…
Trump Calls His Intelligence People ‘Naive’
You don’t even have to read the story, it is just so absurd of this IDIOT, this criminal co-conspirator. It is outrageous that he has managed to stay in office going into the 3rd year.

Naïve? Seriously??? Seriously??? Seriously??? Seriously??? WHAT????????